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Wednesday, Jun 28, 2017
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Torn's $800 Billion Debt to Duke

Report by sugarvalves on 26/06/17 (1 day ago)

The people of Torn City currently owe a combined total of $861,903,970,811 TC Dollars to loan shark Shirley Prima Dante Calabrese, a.k.a. The Duke, according to a leaked report from the city's financial authorities.

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Stormcast Comeback Seals PRC Title

Report by sugarvalves on 19/06/17 (8 days ago)

Stormcast has won the 2017 Summer Professional Racing Championships, sealing the title in dramatic fashion with an astonishing comeback from second-last place.

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Tornography: Dunmugmeh

Report by sugarvalves on 12/06/17 (15 days ago)

As Dunmugmeh approaches a decade of Torn service in September of this year, he may start to look back to reflect on what he has achieved. And with more bazaar sales than anyone else, the fifth highest number of bazaar customers and his current status as Torn's eighth most prolific criminal, you'd think the accumulation of wealth would be a major source of pride for the Elysium head honcho.

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Suit Up - There's An Update Coming

Report by IIIlusionist on 08/06/17 (19 days ago)

Torn's array of armour and weapons has mostly stayed the same over the past few years. We've had a handful of new pieces here and there, and there was the update which gave each piece variable attributes, but overall there's been nothing to get excited about on the combat item front for quite some time.

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Bugatti on Offer for PRC Champion

Report by sugarvalves on 05/06/17 (22 days ago)

Yesterday saw the fifth edition of the Professional Racing Championships rev-up with an exciting start to the two-week competition. Rockem of Destructive Anomaly took home the first award after finishing 31st for "middle place" in the All Class Smash; but with the PRC Open Qualifiers starting at 6 pm today, attentions are now firmly fixed on the main event - and with it, the chance to win the coveted Bugatti Veyron.

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Report by rainbowsaurus on 01/06/17 (26 days ago)

Duke; the lovable loan shark. Over the past few months, this man has had a growing presence in Torn. He began as nothing more than a threatening financier with a poor grasp of the English language, but he has since branched out into extortion, protection and mass deception. He's even bloomed into an aspiring poet, as we saw a few weeks ago in the forums.  

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