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Wednesday, May 24, 2017
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Tornography: Tezwar

Report by sugarvalves on 22/05/17 (1 day ago)

As you might expect given his time here, Tezwar has achieved many individual feats and milestones during his eight-year stay in Torn City. He owns a unique property in Silo X17, he currently stands as our 10th richest citizen, he was placed 5th in Proxima's Powerhouse Index, and Tezwar also ranks highly for respect gained (7th), attacks won (17th) and stealth attacks won (17th).

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Are Citizens Bankrupting Companies?

Report by PlatinumDevil on 18/05/17 (5 days ago)

As a citizen of Torn who has owned and runs several different companies, I have noticed a disturbing pattern emerge with each and every one. Despite my best efforts, despite pouring over player guides and forum advice, each of my companies has ultimately run at a loss.

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DA Take Lead in Territories Table

Report by sugarvalves on 15/05/17 (8 days ago)

It has been nearly three weeks since we saw the release of Sector 1 territories, and in that time there have been some rather interesting developments which may have passed non-faction affiliated citizens by. In fact, if truth be told, these events have passed me by too, as even the most fascinating territorial battles can fail to register if you aren't directly involved.

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Faction Awards 2017

Report by Detective on 11/05/17 (12 days ago)

Which is the best faction in Torn? It's a question I have often asked myself, as no doubt have many others. But is this something you can quantify? And if so, what are the criteria?

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Torn City News - The People's Voice

Report by sugarvalves on 08/05/17 (15 days ago)

On the 30th of March 2017, the Torn City News broadcast for the very first time, with a short two-minute-forty bulletin anchored and produced by Kata raking in over 700 views since it aired on Youtube. The report's content was a blend of official announcements and gossip, and in the weeks since its debut, there have been four further TCN bulletins of a more substantial length, as well as a special competition episode entitled "What's in my box?"

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Tornography: Ralucakiss84

Report by sugarvalves on 01/05/17 (22 days ago)

Ralucakiss84 only arrived in Torn City on February 24th 2015, so you may wonder why such a green-horned youngster is deserving of their own Tornography. After all, in recent weeks we've interviewed faction big wigs, trading gurus and other high-profile citizens. So why should such a newbie be given a whole article when there are many respected veterans we've yet to interview?

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