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Wednesday, Apr 26, 2017
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Who Will Own The Financial District

Report by sugarvalves on 24/04/17 (2 days ago)

It has been over two and a half months since Torn's factions began to advance towards the heart of the city centre. Tomorrow, around 13.00 TCT their march will be over. The factions will control every sector of Torn City, and a new era will surely begin.

The only question now is which factions will come to hold our city's most prized properties. Two weeks ago we analysed the situation as factions prepared for the release of Sector 2, with the conclusion bein...

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Tornography: Hopslam

Report by sugarvalves on 17/04/17 (9 days ago)

I'd like to begin this Tornography by thanking Hopslam for the massive amount of information he has provided me with. This is a man whose knowledge of bazaar trading is so in-depth that the word count for his responses topped 8,000 words. If there's anything Hopslam doesn't know about selling in Torn, it isn't worth knowing. Continues on page 18

Crime Ring Captured

Report by IIIlusionist on 14/04/17 (12 days ago)

Last month a gang of 77 players were placed in federal jail, a place from which there is no return (ba dum tss!), after being accused by the authorities of Real Money Trading. This mass jailing was brought to the public's attention by Pascal who took to the forums in a bid to ...

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Sector 2's Key Fights and Factions

Report by sugarvalves on 10/04/17 (16 days ago)

The public has been urged to avoid several areas of Sector 2 over the coming days, with Torn City Council predicting an extended period of violence as factions continue their bloody march towards the city centre.                                     

On the 11th of April, it is expected that the likes...

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Tornography: Z_Junior

Report by sugarvalves on 03/04/17 (23 days ago)

Z_Junior is one of the longest serving citizens of Torn City, and he may be its sixth strongest too. He was the 18th person to hit Level 100, one of only 25 people to currently hold the rank of 26 Invincible, and at the time of writing, he stands as the city's second-richest man in the city with a networth of over $636bill...

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