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Monday, Feb 20, 2017
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Faction Encroachment Threatens Torn

Report by sugarvalves on 13/02/17 (6 days ago)

Citizens residing on the outskirts of Torn City have been urged by authorities to stock up on supplies and prepare to dig in, as the recent turf war involving over 200 factions threatens to spill over into the Shopping District and beyond.

Since the beginning of February, a wave of brutal gang violence has erupted on the outer limits of Torn's borders, with these skirmishes prompted entirely by an outrageously irresponsible announcement from Chedburn.


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Major Changes to Bounties Imminent

Report by sugarvalves on 06/02/17 (13 days ago)

The Torn City Times can exclusively reveal that a major overhaul of the bounty system looms large, with fundamental changes expected to be clarified and implemented before the end of the month.

Speculation over the exact nature of these amendments has been rife in recent weeks, but if a series of documents discarded by Mayor Chedburn are to be taken as evidence, those with a penchant for mass bountying have less than four weeks to fill their boots.


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Tornography: Hank

Report by sugarvalves on 31/01/17 (19 days ago)

It's fair to say that if this Tornography had been written a few months ago, the tone would be entirely different to what it is today. Hank has suffered a reversal of fortunes the likes of which has never been seen in Torn. In the space of a month he's gone from Relentless bigwig and newbie-hero to a social pariah at the bottom of the pile, with a current networth of minus $107,707,253,620.

But is it right that a man who has given so much to Torn is treated in th...

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Tornography: Collete

Report by sugarvalves on 23/01/17 (27 days ago)

The Tornography feature has been absent from the Torn City Times of late, mostly due to the recent spate of controversies, attacks and general changes to Torn City facilitating a need for coverage of current events.

But today, our recurring piece on the city's most notable citizens returns with a bang, thanks to the generous participation of one of Torn's most fearsome women - Collete...

...who is actually a man, with a penis and testicles...

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Buy Mugging - Fair or Foul?

Report by sugarvalves on 16/01/17 (1 month ago)

Torn City is a place where pretty much anything goes. Fancy a killing spree before brunch? Go right ahead. Feel like dropping a dirty bomb on an entire city over a minor quibble at the poker table? Knock yourself out kid.

But there's one act which, although tolerated by some, seems to offend more people than any other. Buy mugging - the act of shaking down a trader just moments after paying for a particularly expensive item.

This kind of beha...

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