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Sunday, Jan 22, 2017
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Buy Mugging - Fair or Foul?

Report by sugarvalves on 16/01/17 (6 days ago)

Torn City is a place where pretty much anything goes. Fancy a killing spree before brunch? Go right ahead. Feel like dropping a dirty bomb on an entire city over a minor quibble at the poker table? Knock yourself out kid.

But there's one act which, although tolerated by some, seems to offend more people than any other. Buy mugging - the act of shaking down a trader just moments after paying for a particularly expensive item.

This kind of beha...

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Torn City Debt - A Growing Problem

Report by sugarvalves on 10/01/17 (12 days ago)

More half a trillion Torn City Dollars in funds was seized last week from a total of twenty individuals caught up in the WSSB stock scandal, according to a bulletin board post from Torn's Governor, Committee Leader and benevolent dictator Lord Chedburn.

The exact total of the monies confiscated currently stands at $573,348,570,794 TCD, and while many will undoubtedly be looking to the Torn City Times to pass comment on the perceived guilt or innocence of the part...

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Branching out - An inside look

Report by IIIlusionist on 04/01/17 (17 days ago)

With the details that territories will be released on the 31st of January (God willing), excitement is high. Finally, after months of anticipation (if not years), our fairly lackluster warring system will have a massive update that active players can adapt to and get their teeth sunk into.

There was even more excitement when the announcement that the new faction specialization trees would also be released a little earlier - on the 17th of January.


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Was 7 Days Enough?

Report by sugarvalves on 03/01/17 (19 days ago)

In a series of dramatic raids which took place over the festive period, several notable Torn citizens were discovered to have been trading Torn City Dollars for external currency - a direct breach of the first rule in Torn's 10 Game Offenses and Punishments.

One of the most notable convicted sellers of TCD was Big__Al, who was known mostly for his exploits in responding to a poker dispute with a Dirty Bomb. Big__Al has now been permanently banished from the city ...

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Good Deeds and Bad People

Report by sugarvalves on 27/12/16 (26 days ago)

As the Chinese year of the monkey draws to a close, the turkey's carcass dries up and the reaper snuffs out the last few celebrities on his list, many will look back on the events of 2016 in an attempt to draw meaning from the litany of tragedies this bastard year saw fit to serve us.

And in Torn City we've had our fair share of drama to contend with too, having endured several Dirty Bombs, the jailing of Midknight, and the subsequent staffing brouhaha which...

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