A medical cooldown was been introduced on 3rd September 2012, after a successful vote by the player committee.

Since then, every use of a medical item will add time to your medical cooldown timer. If you exceed 24 hours (1440 minutes) of medical cooldown you will be unable to use further medical items.

This cooldown is similar to Boosters Cooldown.

The following items have an influence on your medical cooldown:

Name Hospital Time Effect Health Effect Medical Cooldown
Small first aid kit - 20 minutes + 3.25% life + 15 minutes
First aid kit - 50 minutes + 7.5% life + 30 minutes
Morphine - 100 minutes + 15% life + 60 minutes
Blood Bag * - 100 minutes + 20% health + 60 minutes
Empty Blood Bag ** - 0 minutes - 20% health + 180 minutes
Neumune tablet - 24 hours radiation poisoning duration None + 360 minutes

Side Notes

  • Some perks will increase the amount of hospital time reduced by using medical items without changing the amount of time added to medical cooldown.
  • Radiation poisoning is an effect caused by a Dirty Bomb.
  • Concurrently to implementing the medical cooldown, the requirement for Attention Seeker medal was decreased from 50,000 to 25,000 medical items used.
  • * Will only increase health and decrease hospital time if you are compatible with the blood type you take.
  • ** Provides a blood bag of your blood type. Does not reduce hospital time