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Working Stat Information

  • Intelligence

- Increases crime success (Especially with computer based crimes)

- Best increased by Education starter job

  • Endurance

- Rumored to increase Gym gains.

- Best increased with Law starter job

  • Manual labour

- No overall effect, required for jobs like Army and Oil driller

Quickly boosting work stats

If you need a quick boost to your work stats besides working in starter jobs there are 3 ways to do it, they are:

Companies & Training:

Join a Company (you can pay your director to train you,) each train will get you an extra 25 stats in the primary skill of your set job.

Each different job in a company gives you working stats each day in your primary and secondary working stats required for that position. The highest stat gains come from the high-end companies, however these usually have very high stat requirements.


By completing each education you gain working stats, these vary between each education, if you are looking for only working stats, it may be worth your while to get a bachelor in General studies, which increases working stat gain bonuses when completing education

Job Specials: As a Principal in the Education job, you have access to three job specials to boost your working stats. (100 Man/Intel/End for 10 job points). You gain 7 job points per day.

  • Manual Labour - 30 base gain + 70 per day from job special. (100 total)
  • Intelligence - 40 base gain + 70 per day from job special (110 total).
  • Endurance - 30 base gain + 70 per day from job special (100 total)

Company Job Specials:

  • Fashion Store: Attend Fashion Show/Nine to Five (Endurance)
  • Furniture Company: Heavy Lifting (Endurance)

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