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Working Stat Information

  • Intelligence

- Increases crime success (Especially with computer based crimes)

- Best increased by Education starter job

  • Endurance

- Rumored to increase Gym gains.

- Best increased with Law starter job

  • Manual labour

- No overall effect, required for jobs like Army and Oil driller

Quickly boosting work stats

If you need a quick boost to your work stats besides working in starter jobs there are 3 ways to do it, they are:

Companies & Training:

Join a Company (you can pay your director to train you,) each train will get you an extra 25 stats in the primary skill of your set job.

Each different job in a company gives you working stats each day in your primary and secondary working stats required for that position. The highest stat gains come from the high-end companies, however these usually have very high stat requirements. Education:

By completing each education you gain working stats, these vary between each education, if you are looking for only working stats, it may be worth your while to get a bachelor in General studies, which increases working stat gain bonuses when completing education

Job Specials: As a Principal in the Education job, you have access to three job specials to boost your working stats. (100 Man/Intel/End for 10 job points). You gain 7 job points per day.

  • Manual Labour - 30 base gain + 70 per day from job special. (100 total)
  • Intelligence - 40 base gain + 70 per day from job special (110 total).
  • Endurance - 30 base gain + 70 per day from job special (100 total)

Company Job Specials:

  • Fashion Store: Attend Fashion Show/Nine to Five (Endurance)
  • Furniture Company: Heavy Lifting (Endurance)

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