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Travel Information

Once you reach level 15 you are able to travel overseas by visiting the Travel agency in the City Center. You cannot do anything while you are traveling unless you also own a laptop. Each destination has a unique set of items that cannot be found in Torn City.


Destination Travel Time Cost
Standard (Airstrip)
Mexico: El Cascado 20mins 13mins $6,500
Canada: Toronto 30mins 20mins $9,000
Hawaii: Hilo 45mins 30mins $11,000
United Kingdom: London 1h 30mins 1h $18,000
Argentina: Santa Rosa 1h 30mins 1h $21,000
Switzerland: Geneva 3h 22 $27,000
Japan: Tokyo 3h 30mins 2h 20mins $32,000
China: Beijing 4h 2h 40mins $35,000
South Africa: Cape Town 4h 30mins 3h $40,000
United Arab Emirates: Dubai 3h 30mins 2h 20mins $32,000

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