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Once you reach level 15 you are able to travel overseas by visiting the Travel agency in the City Center. You cannot do anything while you are traveling unless you also own a laptop. Each destination has a unique set of items that cannot be found in Torn City.

  • Please note that items abroad have limited stocks which are restocked regularly, it is also hinted that there will be some items stocked irregularly in the future [1].
  • Other players may see where you are traveling to on your profile page.


A Laptop allows you to:

  • Check your Mail
  • Check the current Stock Prices.
  • View Newspaper stories, horoscopes, chronicles and other important newsworthy information.
  • View and post in the Forums.
  • View player profiles.

While using the laptop, you cannot:

  • Check Faction or Company profiles or apply to them.
  • Check player Bazaars or Display cabinets.
  • View player images (which you can view if you log off)


Destination Travel Time Cost
Standard Airstrip WLT benefit Standard Airstrip & WLT benefit
Mexico: Ciudad Juárez 20min 14min 10min $6,500 $0
Canada: Toronto 37min 26min 18min $9,000 $0
Cayman Islands: George Town 57min 40min 29min $10,000 $0
Hawaii: Honolulu 2h 1min 1h 25min 1h $11,000 $0
United Kingdom: London 2h 32min 1h 47min 1h16min $18,000 $0
Switzerland: Zurich 2h 49min 1h 58min 1h24min $27,000 $0
Argentina: Buenos Aires 3h 9min 2h 13min 1h35min $21,000 $0
Japan: Tokyo 3h 23min 2h 22min 1h41min $32,000 $0
China: Beijing 3h 39min 2h 33min 1h49min $35,000 $0
United Arab Emirates: Dubai 4h 19min 3h 1min 2h09min $32,000 $0
South Africa: Johannesburg 5h 11min 3h 37min 2h35min $40,000 $0

Note that the Airstrip and WLT benefit don't stack. So you can travel via an Airstrip in 70% of the Standard Time and carry +10 extra items, OR you can travel via WLT benefit's private jet in 50% of the Standard Time and carry +10 extra items.

Carrying Items

The default number of items that you may carry home from a destination is five per visit. There are upgrades that allow you to increase the number of items that you can carry.

  • Suitcases are available for purchase in Hawaii: Small ($2,000,000) - 2 additional items; Medium ($4,000,000) - 3 additional items; Large ($10,000,000) - 4 additional items. Only the biggest one will be used.
  • Adding an Airstrip and pilot to your property OR owning a WLT benefit block will allow you to carry 10 additional items. These do not stack.
  • The 5 Star Cruise Agency Job Special adds an extra 2 items.
  • The Cumber faction special adds 1 item per upgrade, to a maximum of 5

The maximum number of items that you can carry, with all of the above upgrades, is 26.

Historical Notes

With the travel update on 02/03/12, the name of several flight destinations were changed to different cities within the same country . This was presumably due to the new travel times they calculated to these locations [2]. The old city names and travel times may be seen in the history of this page [3]

With the same 02/03/12 update to travel, flight times with an island Airstrip were increased slightly from 2/3rds to 70% of Standard (in addition to the adjustments to Standard flight times to all destinations). Also, prior to the update the WLT stock benefit only gave the 50% flight time; there was no +10 item carrying bonus.

Prior to the 02/03/12 update, a Laptop had additional functions allowing you to also:

  • check the Lowest Auction Bids for each Drug.
  • check the Cheapest and Most Expensive Market Prices for each Drug.
  • check the Lowest Auction Bids for each Item.
  • check the Cheapest and Most Expensive Market Prices for each Item.

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