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The Torn Casino slots machine is very simple, all you have to do to win is line-up certain objects.

The amounts you can stake is as follows:

Stake $10 $100 $1,000 $10,000 $100,000 $1,000,000 $10,000,000

If you attempt to bet any different from the numbers shown, you will be displayed with the message "Please select correct stake!". This is to stop anyone trying to abuse the system.

Pay Table

Name Combination Payout
Pinata bat.png duck.png chcolate.png x2
Duck Hunting duck.png duck.png pistol.png x3
Flock O'ducks duck.png duck.png duck.png x3
Serious Duck Hunting duck.png duck.png rifle.png x4
Sweet Tooth chcolate.png chcolate.png chcolate.png x4
Road Kill duck.png car.png duck.png x6
Melt Down chcolate.png dirtybomb.png chcolate.png x7
Melt Down (Alt) dirtybomb.png chcolate.png dirtybomb.png x7
Vandalism bat.png car.png bat.png x8
Vandalism (Alt) car.png bat.png car.png x8
Home Run bat.png bat.png bat.png x8
Gun Fight rifle.png rifle.png pistol.png x10
Gun Fight (Alt) rifle.png pistol.png pistol.png x10
Drive By pistol.png pistol.png car.png x20
Drive By (Alt) rifle.png rifle.png car.png x20
Firing Range pistol.png pistol.png pistol.png x40
Overkill rifle.png rifle.png rifle.png x200
Pile Up car.png car.png car.png x1000
Radioactive dirtybomb.png dirtybomb.png dirtybomb.png x2000
Jackpot torn.png torn.png torn.png Jackpot*

* Whenever you pay towards the slots and lose, a percentage is put forward to the Jackpot. When you gain all 3 "Torn" images in a row on the slots you win the Jackpot and it is reset to $0.


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