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The Race Track is accessible via the 'Red Light district'

To race at the Race Track you need a racing license, they can be obtained for 50 points.

You start in class E and as you earn upgrade points (For finishing races in pole position) you rank up.

Requirements: Class E - 0 Class D - 25 Class C - 75 Class B - 250 Class A - 475

You earn 3 upgrade points if you finish 1st in a race.

You earn 2 upgrade points if you finish 2nd in a race.

You earn 1 upgrade points if you finish 3rd in a race.

Note you only earn upgrade points from Official (Not custom) races

Taking part in official events is completely free... Races will take 1 hour to be prepared, and will finish once all participants have crossed the line...

After leaving an official race, there is a 15 minute penalty time before you can join another official race.

You are automatically matched against opponents with similar stat cars. Once the race has started, you cannot then swap to a car that outclasses theirs heavily.

Note: You cannot travel while racing, you can only take part in one race at a time (including custom races) and being hospitalized during a race DOES NOT influence the outcome.

Cars can be bought from 'The Docks' via the city or from other players.

If you enlist a car to race, you CAN unlist it, but it will lose all it's upgrades.

You cannot enlist a car in a higher class than you are in. Although you can still use cars in the class below.