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Profile Information

The skills you will learn here can be used on the forums, on your forum signature, in mails, on your profile, and you can even change colours in the title of mails.

So your here to make a cool profile just like the many you have seen on other players profiles. Well read on and you will learn how to change the colour of text, add amazing graphics, add You Tube videos, Games and any other Flash graphics. (its really not as hard as it looks)

To find where you change your profile. In torn city click "City" then "preferences" then "profile signature" and you will see a box and thats where we are going to place the text and codes to appear on your profile.

Or to leave here and go now Just click the following link or right click and "open in a new tab" **Edit my profile**

See also Codes_of_Conduct

ABC 123 Of BBCodes

There are only three things on any profile.




To learn how to manipulate all of these elements you need to learn just a few BBCodes. BBCodes are a low level formatting language "Bulletin Board Code" and trust me its easy.

Note: This wiki does not support BBCodes, However you can use them in the forums, on your forum signature, in mails, on your profile, and even change colours in the title of mails.

Simple BBcode is written with two sets of [ ] [ ] brackets.

[ 1 ] 2 [ 3 ]

1 is the opening code.

2 is the text you want to change.

3 is the closing code.. thats the same as the opening code but starting with /

Example, to make text bold you use [b] [/b]

So typing out [b]This is bold text.[/b] Makes This is bold text.

See its easy. :)

For a full list of BBcodes visit Torn City BB Code

How to add flash animations or games to your profile.

Note: It is ILLEGAL to have any auto playing sounds on your profile. Your profile must load silently or will face deletion. Also see Codes_of_Conduct

The bbcode tag we need is [flash]URL[/flash] This tag shows a flash animation, a game or a You Tube video.

Because we are pointing to a flash file we need the URL of the tag to point to a .swf file. I.E.

So to put that clock on your profile you would use > [flash][/flash]

However the clock looks too small to read.

The flash tag can also be told what Height and Width to display the flash file by using [flash=HeightxWidth]URL[/Flash] You just need to play about with the values until you are happy.

For the clock i used [flash=200x500][/flash]

And here is a silent loading Mario game [flash=385x480][/flash]

Step by step of how i found the .swf location for the clock.

Step 1, Use Firefox web browser.

Step 2, Find the flash file you want to use. I found the clock on

Step 3, While on the page with the flash animation, Right click on the background 'not the flash' and select "View page info"

Step 4, Locate the "Media" tab at the top of the popup window and click it.

Step 5, Scroll down until you find the right URL for the file, 'right click' and select copy. . Remember it ends in .swf and the rest of the name should give you a clue. Advert.swf is not the one you really want, is it?

Step 6, Paste that url into [flash=heightXwidth]URL[/flash] replacing the "URL" with your full URL.

Then all you need to do is paste the code into your profile and adjust the height and width numbers until you are happy.

Hosting your own .swf creations If you have created your own .swf files you can upload them to your "Deviantart" account and link them from there.

How to add a You Tube video.

NOTE: It is ILLEGAL to have any auto playing sounds on your profile. Your profile must load silently or will face deletion.

The bbcode tag we need is [flash]URL[/flash] This tag shows a flash animation, a game or a You Tube video.

Folow this Simple Tutorial but cut your own URL from the code you get.

Step 1, open the You Tube video you want to 'embed' (thats a fancy term for stick on a page)

Step 2, Right Click on the Video and select "Copy embed html"

Step 3, Paste the copied code somewhere like notepad or in an unsent mail to yourself or in the forum post you are creating.

Dont Panic It will look scary like...


<object width="640" height="390"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowScriptAccess" value="always"></param><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowfullscreen="true" allowScriptAccess="always" width="640" height="390"></embed></object>


Step 4, Locate the URL its in there hiding near src="

Note: we dont want anything after and including the &

we just want

Step 5, copy that into the [flash]URL[/flash] tag where it says url.

we know have [flash][/flash]

Step 6, We can now paste that code into our profile and we have embeded a You Tube video HOWEVER its probably a bit squashed.

Step 7, look at this BBcode and compare it to the one in Step 6 [flash=385x480][/flash]

We can alter the size of the flash by adding height and width to the Tag [flash=HeightxWidth]URL[/Flash]

Congratulations you can now embed and resize any You tube Video you like.

If you want to see the Torn video in a mail click on your own profile and send a mail to yourself with the following line of code pasted into it.


How to add images.

Lets face it a profile without images and Signatures of friends is a bit boring so read on.

Images [img]URL[/img] Displays an image that is located at the URL. A URL is the full http:\\www. location of the image.

Example [img]411.jpg[/img] would display the image of the "model space ship".

Hyper linked Images (Clicky images) [imgurl=URL]ImageURL[/imgurl] Displays an Image that is hyper linked.

Replace the "URL" after the = in the opening tag with the URL you want the click to go to [imgurl=URL]

Replace the "ImageURL" located between the tags with the full location of the image

This example displays the picture of Dual Scimitars and clicking the image takes you to the item page for dual scimitars.


When you find an image on the WWW that you would like on your profile right click on the image and select "Copy image URL" then paste between the [img] [/img] tags. If you have the image in a Photobucket account you can usually copy the location complete with the tags already there so just paste it into your profile.

A Simple profile to use and alter

Copy all of the codes below everything from and including [font=Comic Sans MS] to [/font] and paste into your profile. You will see how BBCodes work and you can then create your own awesome profile.

[font=Comic Sans MS] [size=5][color=purple][b]Welcome to the Default profile[/b][/color][/size]

[size=2][color=purple][b]Designed to[/color][Color=Deeppink] help [/color][color=purple]you understand bbcodes[/b][/color][/size]

[size=1][color=purple][b]Have fun making your own[/b][/color][/size]


[color=red]Thanks to Torn city for the awesome sig[/color]


[color=red]Me and Torn go way back thanks for the sig man[/color]

[color=orange] [b]Things i want to do in torn city[/b]

[s]start working on my profile[/s]

Have over 10 billion dollars :D[/color]

Click this hyper-texted image its awesome and will blow you away :)


[color=cornflowerblue]You will love this video, it will rock your world[/color]


And when you get bored you can play mario


[color=red]POKE him i dare you[/color]


[size=4]Classic games[/size]


[i][b]What time is it?[/b][/i]


[color=red]Demonstration profile from the[/color][url=]Torn city WIKI PROFILE PAGE[/url]

[color=seagreen]Created by [/color][color=red]-[/color][color=blue]AR[/color][color=red]-[/color][color=blue]Voidlake[/color] [profile]772782[/profile][img]face_12.gif[/img] [/font]

--Voidflake 772782 23:52, 3 June 2011 (BST)

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