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| 20 Points
| 20 Points
| Refill [[Energy]] Bar (Once per day, resets at new day)
| Refill [[Energy]] Bar (Once per day, resets at new day [precisely at 00:04])
| 25 Points
| 25 Points

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Points are a valuable form of currency for many players. They can be used in exchange for items, a racing licence, refills and more.

How To Earn Points

There are several ways to earn points in Torn, this can be done by:

Buying points from the market

Although these can be hard to find sometimes, demand on this market is high. See Points Market below.

A single donation of $5 USD will provide you with a Donator Pack which gives 50 points when used. Multiple donations of this method can yield random extra-bonus points.

Subscribe to the game

Becoming a subscriber will give you 75 points either annually or monthly (Monthly subscription gives 75 points a month, annual gives 900 a year).

Steal points in the pawn shop

Succeeding the 13 nerve pawn shop crime (Side door only) will give 3-7 points. If you choose to do this crime then be warned that if you fail you will lose a large chunk of crime exp.

Submitting to the newspaper

You can submit your comics and articles to the newspaper when level 10. If accepted, a comic will reward 250 points and an article gives 500 points (If you are a regular contributor to the Newspaper then you may receive more points).

Exchanging artifacts and other collectible sets in the Museum

All artifacts as well as complete flower sets and plushie sets can be exchanged in the Museum for points (unlocked after completing the Bachelor of History). The amount of points you can acquire ranges between 5 for a complete plushie set to 10,000 for a single Egyptian amulet.

Referring players to the game

If a player signs up using your referral code (found at the bottom of the city page and on the Recruit Citizens page found on the sidebar) you will be awarded with, among other things, 250 points.

Points Building

This is where you spend your points. Here are the following things you can spend points on:

Name Cost
Stock Ticker (This can only be bought once) 20 Points
Refill Energy Bar (Once per day, resets at new day [precisely at 00:04]) 25 Points
Laptop 25 Points
Racing License (This can only be bought once) 50 Points
City Watch (This can be bought once and downloaded as needed) 50 Points
Upgrade maximum loan (by $100,000) 100 Points
Display Cabinet (This can only be bought once) 100 Points
Gas Can 100 Points
Bazaar (This can only be bought once) 250 Points
One Merit 500 Points

Points Market

This is where you buy and sell points. The Points Market has a cap of $50,000 per point so most points sell at, or just under, this amount. Points can also be sold to the Pawn Shop for a calculated price, current $40,000, but cannot be bought there.


Donator Packs used to be available for 100 points, this was removed in November 2010.

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