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| 50 Points
| 50 Points
| [[City Watch]] (This can be bought once and downloaded as needed)
| [[CityWatch|City Watch]] (This can be bought once and downloaded as needed)
| 50 Points
| 50 Points

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Points are sort of like a special currency. They can be obtained through Donator Packs, Voting, and special events. They can be used to purchase various rewards at the Points Building. The amount of points you have can be seen on the Sidebar, between your Energy and Level.

They can be donated to your Faction, which requires them for some upgrades. The faction can also give points out to members, however points cannot to traded directly between players. The Points Market is a special market just for buying/selling points.

Points can also be gained by trading in certain Collectibles at the Museum.

Points Building

This is where you spend you points. Here are the following things you can spend points on:

Name Cost
Stock Ticker (This can only be bought once) 20 Points
Refill Energy Bar (Once per day, resets at new day) 25 Points
Laptop 25 Points
Racing Licence (This can only be bought once) 50 Points
City Watch (This can be bought once and downloaded as needed) 50 Points
Upgrade maximum loan (by $100,000) 100 Points
Display Cabinet (This can only be bought once) 100 Points
Gas Can 100 Points
Bazaar (This can only be bought once) 250 Points
One Merit 500 Points

Points Market

This is where you buy and sell points. The Points Market has a cap of $50,000 per point so most points sell at, or just under, this amount. Points can also be sold to the Pawn Shop for $39,000 but cannot be bought there.


Donator Pack used to be available for 100 points, this was removed on the 3rd of November 2010(if I remember correctly).

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