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Personal Stats

Torn City records the personal stats of all it's citizens, there are public and private statistics, below will highlight the two.

Public Statistics

  • public personal stats include most of the following categories:


Attacks won: Attacks lost: Attacks stalemated: Defends won: Defends lost: Defends stalemated: Win/Loss ratio: Times ran away: Foes ran away: Best kill streak: Critical hits: Rounds fired: Stealth attacks: Money mugged: Largest mug: Highest level beaten: Total respect gained:


Items bought from market: Auctions won: Points bought: Items auctioned: Points sold: Items bought from Big Al's: Items sent: Trades made: Bazaar customers: Bazaar sales: Bazaar income:


Times jailed: Time spent in jail: People busted: Failed busts: People bailed: Bail fees:


Times in hospital: Time spent in hospital: Medical items used: People revived: Revives received: Medical items stolen:

Finishing hits

Heavy artillery: Machine guns: Rifles: Sub machine guns: Shotguns: Pistols: Temporary weapons: Piercing weapons: Slashing weapons: Clubbed weapons: Machinery:


Mails sent: Mails sent to friends: Mails sent to faction: Mails sent to colleagues: Mails sent to spouse: Classified ads placed: Personals placed:

Criminal offences

Criminal offences: Selling illegal goods: Theft: Auto theft: Drug deals: Computer crimes: Fraud: Murder: Other:


Bounties placed: Spent on bounties: Bounties collected: Money rewarded: Bounties received:


Items found: Items trashed: Dump searches: Items found in dump:


Times travelled: Items bought abroad: Hunting skill: Argentina: Mexico: Dubai: Hawaii: Japan: United Kingdom: South Africa: Switzerland: China: Canada: Cayman Islands:


Drugs used: Times overdosed: Cannabis taken: Ecstasy taken: Ketamine taken: LSD taken: Opium taken: Shrooms taken: Speed taken: PCP taken: Xanax taken: Vicodin taken:


Logins: Time played: Merits bought: Energy refills: Times trained by director: Army spying: Stat enhancers used: Viruses coded: Days been a donator: Times voted:

Private Statistics

  • private personal stats include everything in public categories and the following:


Current kill streak: Hits: Misses: Total damage made: Best damage made: One hit kills:


Total invested in bank: Bank investment profit: Current bank investment: Investment time remaining: Current stock transactions:

Historical Notes

  • currently though what is listed is accurate, there is some errors in what is recorded publicly through the search function, you can search these private stats as well (Hits:Misses:Best damage made:One hit kills:Total damage made:Total invested in bank:Bank investment profit:)
  • also worth noting crawlers (computer program that browses methodical) most notable of which is Nerbas [1335768]'s and their Hall of Fame sticky in the Game Achievements forum Link Started Fri Mar 11, 2011. On Sat Sep 01, 2012 a restriction was put in place on torn servers that limited crawlers ability to review stats.
  • on Thur May 24, 2012 the stats graph stopped updating for many players. also the graph itself has changed in style over time, it's search box has also changed from a fill in the blank list box to purely a list box.
  • on Thur Dec 20, 2012 Hunting skill was added to Travel as well the order of Hospital and Jail were changed up along with the introduction of Times in hospital, Time spent in hospital, and Time spent in jail.