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For the Torn City Times stock, see the Stock Market page.

The Torn City Times, TC Times, Torn Times, or simply 'the Newspaper', is the official newspaper for Torn City. Its articles are updated regularly, and you can view it by simply clicking on the sidebar.


On the front of the TC Times, you are presented with two main articles, and one gossip article. These articles are submitted by other players, and published after approval from the editor of the newspaper.

Submitting an article

Anyone can submit a newspaper article. To do so, simply click "Continue" on any article, scroll down to the bottom, and select "Submit an article".

When submitting an article, there are a few things to note: the content of the article must be exclusively relating to Torn; it must be written in the style of an official newspaper; the article must be written in correct English, and be of the highest quality.

If an article that you have submitted is published, you will be rewarded with an honor and 100 points.

Other Pages

Hall of Fame

Clicking this link will take you to the Hall of Fame, where you can view the top factions, top players, and biggest winners in many of the casino games.

Full article: Hall of Fame

Job Listings

Under job listings, you can select which job you wish to work as. You can choose from the various starter jobs, or choose to view the various companies and apply to work for any of them.

Local Gyms

Here you can join any of the available gyms in Torn City.

Full article: Gym


Under properties, you can either buy a property from the Estate Agent, or view the rental or selling markets.


Available in the Freebies section of the newspaper, are dozens of Torn City wallpaper images free to download.

Classified Ads

Here you can place an advert in the newspaper. The fee for listing one is $250,000.

Full article: Classified Ads


If you're looking for a spouse, in the Personals section of the newspaper you can place an advertisement for the price of $10,000.


You can place a bounty on another player for a cost. Other players can then look in this section for currently bounties standing, and can claim them by hospitalizing the bountied player for the reward posted.

Full article: Bounties


In this part of the newspaper you can read the comics submitted by other players that have been accepted.

You can also submit an article here, as well. Simply select "Submit" at the bottom of the page, and follow the guidelines carefully.

Full article: Comics


In the Horoscopes section of the TC Times, you can view the weekly prediction for your star sign. People have been known to make--or lose!--large sums of money down to what's printed on these pages.


The Chronicles encompass much of Torn City's past. It chronicles major events that have taken place, and many parts of Torn in general.

The ability to submit a chronicle has been closed for some time.


Along with the Classified Ads, you can also submit a banner, advertising your services or what you're buying, that will be shown--randomly--around the site at the bottom of pages of the newspaper.

Placing a graphical advertisement

The cost for placing one is $2,500,000 and it will stay in rotation for 7 days. It will need to be accepted before it can be shown.

If you have invested in Yazoo, and are receiving stock benefits, you can place graphical advertisements in the paper for no fee at all.

Articles Relating to City Locations

West Side
North side
Red-Light District
City Center
East Side