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Detailed Information

  • This section details different ways to make money in Torn for those struggling to make cash.


  • Note beforehand: You must be level 3 to join a company, so that option may not open up for a few days, in the meantime a Job is the only option.
  • I want money now!

Okay, so you want money now, that's fine maybe it's just temporary. This means you will be joining a company rather than a job. First go to the company forums sticky titled "New: Looking for work?~" and post that you are a new player, willing to log in daily, and work for $10,000 pay. Odds are someone will pick you up. Don't get greedy and ask for more!

  • I want long term money!

Good, a wise choice, there's better ways for short term cash! There is multiple ways to go about this depending on how long term you think, very long term, and extremely long term. First off if you want very long term go to jobs instead. You will want to switch between Law, and Education, and possibly a little army work. First priority is to get promoted as high as you can for your job stats in each. Second priority is to spend any other job points on the benefits.

For law, Use Personal Trainer (+100 Endurance) for 10,000 Law points, for Education, Read a book (+100 Intelligence) for 10,000 education points. Your goal here is to increase your working stats as much as possible for better future pay.

The other option is to go to company search and post that you are new and are looking for any job that trains the manual stat and you are willing to work for 1k a day (or free if you're up to it, with the rest of this page that should be an option for you). Manual jobs tend to pay much higher than intelligence ones as the workers are much harder to find. This is a very long term goal.

There are more ways to make money with companies, like joining ones with good Company benefits.

--See Jobs and Companies


  • What can you get out of being in a faction? Well try to find one willing to help you out with housing or that is just willing to be nice in general, one with good benefits could help. But be careful, if you chose some factions you could end up in the hospital a ton, or end up spending all your energy fighting. This may not be worth it unless you really find the right faction for you.

Forum Bumping

  • Bumping peoples posts who pay you! Look for threads that say money, drugs, or any other item for bumps and rates. The best places for these are the company forums and trade forums, don't go overboard, only bump threads from, or near page 2, up to page 3. You don't always get paid but even a few payouts is a good start for you. Simply press the thumbs up on the top right of the thread then post Bump & Rated in the thread. Some people hate this but for a new guy the payout is a large boost.


  • This means attacking someone and intentionally losing to them for pay. There is a sticky for this in the trade section, ignore the runaway ones until you're higher level by then you'll know what to do for those, you have to be stronger than your target to successfully run away, so just go for losses. I must stress that there are a lot of scammers here, try to find legitimate people, do just 1 hit per person maximum until paid, don't just attack like there's no tomorrow unless you know the player pays out.
  • Be very careful about people trying to trick you with words, like "no level holders" etc. or hidden messages in small text. If they're too wordy about the details, odds are they're trying some crap to trick you giving them an excuse to not pay.


  • The fun and games section of the forums is host to people who do giveaways and contests. Some are scams, if they ask for anything from you, simply don't enter. Be wary and read other players posts to get a feel for if it's legit or not. Contests vary, don't bump threads here for no reason. Read all contests before entering. Be courteous! Players here can get very upset when others don't play properly. As with everywhere on the forums which can't be stressed enough, be cautious! Players can get mean and have short tempers!

IRC Competitions

  • Sometimes these events are posted about in fun and games, sometimes announced on Torn Radio, and mostly the IRC section of the forums. For more details on how to use IRC, see the IRC section of the forums. You can get quite a lot of money off those contests, it may be a hassle setting up for some, but it is worth it. You can also easily access IRC via the chat button on your left user bar.

Signature making

  • Okay, this is NOT something to jump into lightly, this takes a lot of time and effort. First, if you don't have PhotoShop use Gimp - you can get it for free. Then search Google or deviantART for "Gimp signature tutorials". Work from there, don't expect it to be easy. You can sell your signatures in the graphics section.
  • Don't get cocky or think your work is great just because you did it. Start out by posting your initial attempts on the Graphics forum, and ask for constructive criticism. From there, you can judge what people look for in a signature, and there are many helpful tutorials on the internet that you can use to improve your signature-making skills. Let people know you're new and open to friendly advice, and say thanks in advance. This section of the forums has the biggest group of mean players in Torn, so odds are you'll get bashed anyways if your stuff looks bad. Just keep trying and don't give up.

Scamming, Begging, and Stealing

  • Don't. It can be great short term money, but at the end of the day legit players always end up on top with help from the friends they make. Doing any of these things will just leave you hated alone and bored.

City searching

  • You can occasionally find items around the city by clicking the city link (or some others). Don't click it too much as it won't help after a point, but clicking it maybe 10x or so every time you do your crimes or gym training will help find items as it really adds up, it's also dumb luck though, sometimes it takes months! Careful to check the item market for the value of ALL items you find even if they sound useless, don't get scammed out of a valuable item!
  • Eventually we all get comfortable with money, so Awareness merits may not be worth it for you although it is down to personal preference. The education is nearly free and can help out though! (PSY2680 : Attention and Awareness)


  • Banking requires lvl 5. It's a good way to store cash to prevent it from getting mugged, try not to wrap it up too long by investing more than a week. Eventually we all get comfortable with money, so banking merits tend to not be worth it although again this is up to player preference.

Investing in others

  • DONT! It's a scam! If anyone offers to help you make money, ignore them, if it sounds too good to be true it is, if it doesn't sound too good to be true it probably still is!

Running contests (skimming profits)

  • This includes things like Lotteries in fun and games, (20 tickets 100k each, winner gets 1.9 million). DO NOT DO IT! People do not like this, will not enter and will attack you for it! While it may seem like a good idea and a way to make a few bucks, unless you're actually giving, it simply wont work and people will label you as a scammer and likely bounty you.

Birthday gifts

  • In torn we give others items (do giveaways) on our birthdays, so watch for other people giving stuff on their birthdays DO NOT ask for stuff on yours, and do not ask for stuff period! Feel free to give your friends presents on their birthdays though! These include benchmark days like 100 days in torn.


  • For crimes you generally want to follow one of the crime guides. But if you need money bad, you can take education courses for hacking crimes and 10% increased hacking success. Start them early so you're ready when that time comes. If you're desperate it's possible to start earning money hacking with a 35 nerve bar, it will drop back to 30 pretty quick, then just do arson until it's 35 again, or switch between the two regularly (like 2-3 warehouse arson per bank hack), FBI hack is not recommended! The alternative is to keep lvling your nerve bar with warehouse arson and save the hacking for when you have better success rates. You can also get a bonus to your success rate via merits, or a faction bonus.


  • This takes some starter money, as a new player you should probably rent a mansion as it's cheap. Later on you can buy a property, rent it out for a while as a long term investment, then cash in on it when you need the money by reselling it on the market. This has low risk but can lose money if the housing market drops enough.

Reselling bulk

  • Okay this is another great way to make money, you can go to bits n' bobs and find items people like to collect like kitten plushies for example. People with money don't want to buy items 1 at a time every three seconds. You can buy 1,000 for example and resell them on the trade forums for a huge markup! Go for something like $500 per item, you could also go for a bit more if they sell easily there. These items cost very little so this can be a huge moneymaker if you have the drive to do it! That's 450k profit on 1000 kittens. 950k if you can sell them at 1,000 each which is probably doable! Again, a lot of hard work clicking.


  • People will sometimes give you a cash tip for busting them, you want to work your way up to busting people in jail for long periods of time for better tips. Not all will pay or thank you, it's not a sure thing but it's little energy, good for your crime experience, and a possible source of unsteady income.

Bounty collecting

  • This can be good money if you have the stats for it, just check the newspaper and click bounty listings. Try to collect off people you can actually beat! Good indications of peoples strength are their age, how many and what type of crimes they have done (shows activity) and their houses. Unfortunately crime records were taken off the front page and by the time you check someones stats another bounty hunter may have beat you, so it may be best to just go off age and housing. Careful of people trying to trick you with a shack!

Stock Investing

Note:Chedburn has recently announced a possible stock change in the stock market forums, go there to vote on it, if made this may change the relevancy of this section.
  • Since the update this section can be a large gamble! It's a players market now, so any stock trading is gambling against other players. Buy when you think its cheap per share off the stock market forums, sell when it costs more. This is again a real gamble at this point as prices per share between users can fluctuate in extremes. Just remember to always trade on the stock forums! You can always get some sort of discount if there are shares available on the market. If not it may cost extra, or maybe you can sell for extra!

Investing in stock benefits

  • You can see what benefits suit you and what the market offers, remember the same rule goes with this as stock investing. Buy when you think the market is good, off a good shot you may be able to make your money back by skimming off the top if the stock itself goes up enough and you cut the block! Buy minimum 100k over the benefit to make sure you don't miss by 1 share or something silly. When you cut a block make sure you also leave extra, possibly 1 mill.
  • When do you cut? When you can sell. If your benefit is 50M, then only cut what you have on top, so if you have 75m, split 25m worth off and sell that. The formula is Stock value (75m) minus benefit (51m to be safe) leaving 24 mill, then divide it by the current price per share, and that's how many shares you need to split off to sell.


  • The best advice in gambling is don't but some of you can't help it, so here's what can help.
  • Blackjack: Use a chart always go with the odds (they're still against you by the way).

Relevant link: Black Jack Chart

  • Bookie: Don't bet all your money on a sure thing. There is no such thing as a sure thing unless you have the event rigged! Never gamble more than 10% of your money. Don't gamble your money, instead spend it for the thrill of the bet. In short, only spend what you are wiling to lose for the fun of gambling. Assume it's lost when you place the bet.
  • Poker: Same rule as bookie, only bring what you want to spend for the fun of poker. This is possibly a real money maker if your good enough, but also not a sure thing, be careful! There can be a lot of hands where 1 guy gets a flush king high and the other beats it with ace high and similar results! Simply be careful!

Owning a Company

  • These pay for themselves after about never. Simply don't get them unless you're in it for the challenge, take the money and benefits working where you want instead in a 5 star. The only way to make real money here is staring up a company and reselling, and that takes a ton of work, again not worth it unless you're up for a large project.

Owning a Faction

  • Owning a faction in the current war system can be good money. This is because you can make some respect and sell the faction off to a larger faction as a slut faction. Basically the goal is to get a faction, recruit as many new players as possible by offering incentives. This is fairly cheap, stock up on macanas, that's unlimited weapon use for them. Richer players may also have some nice weapons laying around. All it really takes is a lot of members who are active, offer decent incentives for a newb and the respect off small OCs will add up really fast when you get a large number of them.
  • You can utilize the faction bank for your personal use while running OCs to increase respect. In the new system it won't be worth declaring war on you unless you are a small faction (in numbers), others would rather just buy the faction. Costs aren't permanent if you do stuff like rent out free mansions and macanas as you can always recall them at the end of the day and go again.

Drug/Item running

  • This is a great way to make money. You need lvl 15+ and some starting cash. Go to #drugden in IRC (again use IRC forum for an IRC tutorial). There you can get updated prices on drugs and find the cheapest xanax, ecstasy, or vicodin and buy it, then resell it on the item market. You will want to work for a 5 star car dealership, or property broker for the benefit of no taxes on the item market to add to your profits. Sometimes it's worth buying and holding onto drugs, like xanax at 750k, then reselling when it hits 850k each, a pretty profit right?
  • You can also buy stuff off cheap bazaars and resell it on the item market if it's cheaper than other items of the same type on the item market since you don't have to pay taxes like others, you can always re-list to undercut others. A large list of bazaars can be found here:

  • You can also set up your own bazaar for 12m and no taxes if you don't have the special, add your bazaar to the list and keep trying to sell, it is much harder to sell this way though. Keep in mind a lot of items fluctuate like drugs, make sure you buy them when they're cheap for that drug, xanax below 750m, lsc vouchers below 2.1 etc.


  • This one is for after you get the brain surgeon job (top medical job). You can offer to revive people for pay. It costs 75 energy for revives, you do not need to hold this job to revive you just have to have had it at one point. The sticky to offer your services is in the trade section of the forums.

Hunting in Africa

  • This one is fairly straight forward. You can go to Africa and hunt for money.
  • Is it good money? Yes. Is it recommended? No. Here's why. It cuts off all other possible forms of profit while holding back your gym training. At the same time, by the time you're making real money in Africa you should be nearing the ability to do hacking crimes which pay out around the same per day. So really, whats the point? good money? Yes. Worth it? No.
  • Only do this one if you're not too into the game and just wanna hunt all the time, or overnight, you can also do it while going for your Honor for flying to Africa. You can also work at a 3* Zoo Company for a 15% bonus to hunting ability, and do the GEN2120 : Survival Skills education for an additional 15% bonus. You should probably at the least stick around torn while doing these before you start hunting.


  • Mugging can get you a lot of money, there are quite a few compulsive gamblers that manage to keep gambling off that money they make from muggings. Keep in mind you have to find people weaker than you that also have money on hand, not always an easy task.
  • Tip offs for people having money are checking high priced items on the auction house and hitting people who bid high, people who got outbid at the last second on high bids, and people who just sold their high priced item on auction! Other ways are bazaars, if you see someone selling high priced items in their bazaar for relatively cheap amounts on trade forums you can whack them after the item is sold, or even after you buy it, you can even tip off your poorer friends who might like the money which isn't much to you. Some also like to go off people who recently won a lot in the casino on high scores, but that rarely works. Another tip is to check the gambling forum for players playing high priced Russian Roulette games!

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