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Mission 2

  • Equip your melee weapon

1. Click "Items" located on the left hand menu. Click here to view your items directly. [1]

2. Locate your Melee weapon.

3. Click [equip] next to the melee weapon.

4. Great Job! You have completed this task.

  • Search for an NPC called Test Dummy #2

Note: The player name you receive may be different than the one listed here. Please pay attention to what name the mission tells you to search for.

1. Type Test Dummy #2 in the search box located at the top of the page, or you can search by user ID (chose ID from the drop down menu in the search bar at the top of your page) Please note there are spaces in that name not underscores, type it just as I have it here.

3. Click Search name

4. Click on the name Test Dummy #2. It will open the player's profile.

5. Do not close this page. You will use it for your next task.

6. Great Job! You have completed the task.

  • Attack Test Dummy #3 with your melee weapon

Note: You need to attack the name provided by your mission. They are randomly generated and it may be different than what appears here.

1. While on Test Dummy #2's profile, view the icons to the right.

2. Click the [Attack] link located to the right side of the profile. This will open the attack.

3. You will see 2 fist and your melee weapon located at the bottom of the attack.

4. Click your melee weapon.

5. Continue to click on your melee weapon. Until you see you have zeroed his life.

6. You will see 3 options once you have done this, Leave them, Mug them, and Hospitalize.

7. Click "Leave them".

8. Great Job! You have completed this task.

  • Use remaining energy in the gym

1.Click on the Gym link in the left hand menu. You can locate the gym directly by clicking here.[2]

2. Choose which stat you would like to train.

3. Click train beside the stat of your choice.

4. Continue to click train until you run out of energy.

5. Great Job! You have completed the task.

Awesome! You have finished 2 mission's now. Let's keep going! Click here to move on to Mission 3. The Grind