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Levels are gained by gaining experience within the game. There is no visible experience bar in the game. It's thought that almost everything done within the game counts towards this although only the following are known.

  • Attacking and leaving another player on the street. A higher levelled victim will yield more experience.
  • Mugging another player. Gives a lot less experience than simply leaving.
  • Committing crimes.
  • Training in the gym.
  • Working at a job/gaining work stats.
  • Company specials (trade job points for experience); clothing store, night club, hair salon, lingerie store, theatre.
  • Reaching level 5 in Torn Lite on Facebook.
  • 2013 Easter Egg Hunt - finding a pink egg.

Anything else is unknown whether it gives experience or not; this includes busting, gambling, flying, racing etc.

When enough experience is gained to upgrade level an [upgrade] link will appear beside your level, click it to level up! Some players choose to 'level hold' and not upgrade their level, mostly to trick other players into underestimating their strength. When level holding a player will continue to gain experience and so is able to upgrade multiple levels at once.

The only way to view how close you are to levelling up it by travelling to China and using the fortune teller who will tell you a percentage of your progress to the next level. This costs $75,000.

The Hall of Fame in the newspaper has a section dedicated to levels. You can view the 20 highest levelled players in the game, as well as seeing your ranking compared to all other players.

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