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Hunting becomes available when you reach level 15; you can then travel to South Africa and use the option to hunt for animals by spending 10 Energy and $500 in the hope of making a profit.

There are 3 types of hunting: beginner session, standard session and advanced session. All three bring in the same amount of experience, although the amount of money earned will vary depending on your hunting skill.

There is no time requirement for a hunting session; you get the result immediately after you select the session type.

Note: It's advisable to have donator status when hunting; the extra energy and quicker regeneration times will help out greatly.

Hunting skill

To get your hunting skill to 100 will take a lot of time, and you will most likely lose out on a lot of fighting stats. You start off at 0 hunting skill, and to begin with you gain under 0.1 per hunt. Thus, a full energy bar will get you a skill level of about 1.2 if you are just starting out. However, as your hunting skill rises your skill gain per session will fall in an exponential relationship. For example, with a hunting skill of around 40 you will gain only roughly 0.025 per session.

Which session?

Generally when hunting, you should start off with the beginner session. It will become more profitable to move on to standard sessions when your hunting skill reaches the mid-twenties.

It will become more profitable to move from standard to advanced sessions when your hunting skill reaches the mid-seventies.

At maximum skill, you should be making about 800K per full energy bar (if you are a donator). However, this will take a long time, and is a poor strategy for active players.

Hunting in mission

In the mission Operation Ancient, you have to go to South Africa to hunt for raw ivory. Finding the raw ivory depends totally on luck; hunting skill or sessions have no effect on this.

Tips for hunting

It may be advisable to work in a Farm or Zoo; each has a 3-star hunting special which will give an additional 15% income when hunting.

Another way to boost profits is to complete the General Education course GEN 2120 Survival Skills, which gives a further boost of 15% to hunting income.

If you are flower running or otherwise making only a short visit, be sure to spend your extra energy here before returning to Torn. The 3h 37min trip back (with an Airstrip) will generate 105-110 energy, so if you spend your energy down to 40 before leaving South Africa you will gain a little income from hunting and still should reach full energy (for a donator) close to the time you arrive back in Torn.

Finally, if you plan to be away hunting for an extended time, it may be helpful to bank your money so that it may generate interest while you hunt.


Hunting can gain you up to three Honors, for getting your skill level to 50, 75 and 100 respectively.

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