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The following of the game rules Some offenses may result in temporary suspension of posting privileges, or a jail term. Game staff reserve the right to interpret these laws in certain situations.

  • Multiple Accounts

You are only allowed to have one account per individual. Players found to have multiple accounts also known as multis will have the main account banned and all other accounts deleted.

  • Scamming

No action will be considered as scamming as we have the tools to safe guard you from these problems. Failure to use them is done at your own risk. We will not interfere in any way, shape or form.

  • Hacking/ Asking for login details/ Phishing

Accessing another players account without their permission. Requesting a players login details or use of a website to gather user-names and passwords etc is forbidden.

  • Giving away or buying/ selling accounts

It is illegal to give away or sell your account and it is also illegal to buy accounts. If you do not want to play anymore simply stop. Do not commit offenses to get yourself placed in federal jail as at some point you may wish to return to the game. You are not permitted to request your player be banned so you can start a new account.

  • Selling or trading game items outside Torn City

Selling or trading anything within your account for real currency and/or items for use outside of Torn is not allowed. This includes and is not limited to selling MSN addresses or pictures for Torn Cash (this does not include graphics paid for with the sole purpose of using within Torn).

  • Game Bug Abuse

Failing to report a fluke/loophole in the game and taking advantage of it is forbidden.

  • Obscene Images/ Advertising/ Linking to Inappropriate Content / Obscenity

The act of creating and making a public image/statement that may offend other players. This includes images that violate any U.S. Laws or contain pornography, etc. Advertising other sites, links or referrals as well as linking to Warez sites/ Piracy sites or any other site that includes pornographic material or that violates TOS is forbidden.

  • Account sharing

Accessing another account than your own for any reason or giving access to your account to another user is forbidden.

  • Impersonation

Pretending to be another player or staff member to harass, annoy or cause issues for the player is forbidden.

  • Donation Issues

Charge-backsor repeated refund requests from PayPal as well as failure to pay through PayPal for donator packs/insufficient funds in PayPal. (Basically anything to do with PayPal, and us not getting paid for them buying donator packs through that.)

  • Middleman Activity

Using a third person to attempt to or transfer cash/items to accounts on the same IP as yourself. Act of transferring for accounts to aid them in avoiding IP blocks. Using any other means to attempt to transfer cash/items to accounts on same IP as yourself. Avoiding or attempting to avoid IP blocks in any way.

  • Violation of Mail Rules

Continued abuse of mail box privileges along with the mail ban and ONLY after being warned and banned multiple times and/or ONLY in extreme circumstances. This includes and is not limited to bypassing the ignore feature. If someone has you on ignore, do not get others to speak for you.

  • Violation of Forum Rules

Continued abuse of forum privileges along with the forum ban and ONLY after being warned and banned multiple times and ONLY in extreme circumstances.

  • Shoutbox Violations

Anything listed as an offense in any other public area also applies to shout boxes, hospital/ jail etc.. (Obscenities, flaming, flooding etc)

  • Abusing Report functions

The act of sending FALSE reports, flooding the reporter, obscenities, flaming etc. (Bug Reports, Player Reports, Lost Point Reports etc.)

  • Profile Violations

Anything listed as an offense in any other public area also applies to profiles and signatures, player names etc.. (Obscenities, flaming, obscene images, confidentiality, linking, advertising etc)

  • Faction Violations

Obscenities/ profanity, obscene imagery or anything designed to discriminate or harass others is not allowed in faction names, banners or descriptions. Music or any Flash in faction images or descriptions is not allowed. All Factions must have a name using characters that are clickable from a users profile.

  • Newspaper Violations

Anything listed as an offense in any other public area also applies to Newspaper. (Obscenities, flaming, advertising etc)

  • Discrimination

You must not discriminate against someone because of his or her age, gender, skin color, sexual preference, religion or personal beliefs etc. Any player found to be actively discriminating against another player or member of society in any way, will have their accounts terminated and further action may be taken. This includes, without limitation, character name, message board posts, mails, forums and chat rooms.

  • Spamming/Flooding

Intentionally spamming or flooding of message boards, mail boxes, shout boxes and or IRC will result in a warning or suspension of access to the area the offense occurred. Repeat offenses will be dealt with more harshly.

Forum Signatures Posting offensive material or images, containing sound, etc. are not allowed in your sigs. Forum picture sigs we ask you to keep to an approximate size of 500width x 150height or smaller (only 1 allowed unless really tiny). You can also add up to 4 extra lines of text or a small userbar to the equivalent in replacement of the text.

Language Forums are to be typed in English so that we can moderate them easier. Factions have a private forum which is not moderated. While we do understand that English is not everyone's first language, we cannot moderate other languages adequately.

Sexual Content/ Sexual Harassment Selling or buying or attempting to sell or buy "sexual favors" is illegal and will result in punishment. Sexual Harassment is forbidden and will not be condoned.

Staff Interruption This is the act of attacking, placing bounties on or in anyway committing an act within the game to get even with a Staff member for doing his/her job. If you do not like the way something was handled please speak to a Community Manager. Taking it upon yourself to deal with it could result in a Fed Jail sentence.

Player Harassment We define harassment as the bringing of real life events into the game.

Same IP Activity Transferring items or money with anyone on the same IP as yourself is forbidden.

Staff Complaints Any complaints against staff will be presented in a clear manner. If you feel a staff member has acted wrongly in assisting you or someone else they may be reported using the player report system or you can contact a community manager with your complaint.

Account Ownership The account owner is responsible for their actions at all times. Staff at NO TIME will ever ask or require your login information and it is your responsibility to keep this information secure. Using your Torn Log In information on another website claiming to be affiliated with us or offers the ability to enhance your account when you log in with your Torn Information. These are scams, do not allow yourself to become a victim.

 (Note: As mentioned before you are allowed one account only. You can not quit playing one account and start another because you are not satisfied with the original account. We still consider this multi creation)