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The friends list a list in which you can save the identities of up to 50 friends. It is first gained when a Donator Pack is used, however will remain even if your Donator status expires. When you add a player to your friends list, the "Friends" value on his or her profile page increases by 1. Friends are ordered by their description alphabetically. Descriptions of 'None' are at the top.

From your friends list, you can view the following information about the players you have saved:

  • Online/Offline
  • Name
  • Level
  • Status - Okay, Jail, Hospital, Traveling, Federal Jail.
  • Icons
  • Description - a description you have put about them. If no description is added, shows as 'none'.
  • Tag - Here you can Tag them.

Platinum PDA

In Dubai, it is possible to purchase a Platinum PDA for 12 Billion dollars that expands the list and allows you to save additional players, giving you a maximum of 500 friends. Many people would rather add friends to their Black List, rather than spend the money on the PDA. The 'failsafe software included to prevent accidental deletion of friends' is in reference to the old ecstacy overdose effect.

Drug Overdose

Previously, when a player overdosed on Ecstasy, his friends list would be cleared. As of 22 March, 2010, this effect has been removed. Players would often add friends to their Black List to avoid this.

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