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Factions are one of the most popular activities in Torn city. They cost $1,000 x number of factions currently in the game, although they can be bought for discount in the faction buying and selling thread in the forums.

A faction's success may be measured by its total current respect, and the upgrades that it has. To see the best factions in the game, go to the hall of fame in the newspapers.


Respect is what most factions will fight and die for. It can be used to show the Torn community how good your faction is, it can be used as bragging rights, or it can be used for faction specials, which will be discussed below. There are numerous strategies for respect, including:

  • Declaring war on a faction. This is where you constantly hospitalize their faction members until you show your dominance, you gain a set amount of respect for every hit, and if you win the war, you receive a medium respect boost!
  • Most factions will run 'Organised Crimes' for the purpose of gaining respect, as well as some money in the process. They range in difficulty and members, need, and are discussed in more detail below.
  • With the new warring system in place, another way to rapidly gain respect has been discovered, for a 1 man faction to declare on you, and then hit one of your members, your faction can then hit him back and get the retaliation bonus, as he constantly gets out of hospital you can keep hitting him, generating up to 50 respect per hit.

Organised Crimes

These bring in respect and money for your faction. The higher grade OC is, the more money and respect will provide, however fail is more painful. OCs can be planned and initated by any member with "OC" permission, given by Leader.

Under Construction.

Control Panel

The control panel is the nuts and bolts of faction management. It is split into three sections- User Interaction, Control and Faction Modification.

Give To User

Allows the faction leader, co-leader or anyone who has been given access to give money or points to members who have been in the faction for 4 days or more. Anyone who has not been in the faction for the required number of days will not show up on the drop down list of members.

Pay Day

Allows the leader or co-leader to send money to multiple faction members at the same time. Members under 4 days old will still receive these payments.


Permissions AM Armoury Medical Use Allows members to use medical items directly from the armoury.
AD Armoury Drug Use Allows members to use drug items directly from the armoury.
AR Armoury Refill Use Allows members to refill their points directly from the armoury.
AL Armoury Loaning Allows members to retrieve and loan weapons to themselves and other faction members.
SN Send Newsletter Allows members to send newsletters.
CA Change Announcement Allows members to change the faction announcement.
AP Application Management Allows members to accept or decline faction applications.
FO Forum Management Allows members to delete faction posts and make stickies.
OC Organised Crime Management Allows members to plan and initiate the factions organised crimes.
FM Full Ordnance Management Gives the member full access to the factions money and armoury.


Under construction


Under construction

Faction Communication

Faction Forums The faction forums are a place for you to talk to your members, post ideas, services from the faction and offers. It is also the main place for any up-to-date news from the faction and a well run forum is vital for a faction to succeed. All faction members can make threads and post in them, but only certain faction staff can delete threads that aren't theirs or make stickies.

Faction chatbox This is for faction members to talk in realtime, it is useful during chainings or asking for help with regards to the faction.

Newsletter Some Faction staff can send newsletters out, usually these letters have important information regarding the faction and it is usually best to pay attention to these.

IRC Most factions have some sort of IRC channel, this generally helps you to make friends within a faction and greatly boosts the team spirit within a faction. It also helps when attacking during wartime.