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Events list everything that had happened to your account, chronologically. They can be saved, deleted or viewed. Excluding saved events, the view goes back to a maximum of 256 events. As more events occur, the oldest ones are deleted first. When you have a new event, the link in your Sidebar will be bold and the number of new events shown in brackets afterwards.

Some examples of different events include:

  • Chedburn attacked you but managed to run away. [View]
  • Chedburn sent an application to join your faction.
  • You have been selected by Chedburn to participate in an organised crime. You, along with 4 others will make up the team to rob a bank in 96 hours.
  • Chedburn bought 2 x Lollipop from your bazaar for $999.
  • Chedburn has accepted the trade with you. You must now accept to finalize it. Please click here to continue.
  • Chedburn busted you out of jail.