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Education is available from either the sidebar, or the west side of the city and is extremely beneficial as it can enhance nearly every aspect of your game.

To enrol in an education course you need to have a required amount of energy and money, which varies for each course. Some education courses may also not be open to you until certain prerequisite courses have been completed.

Disadvantages of Education

Starting every course require some amount of energy and money, although this can be countered by getting the Stock Benefits from WSSB and ISTC.

While in Education, you might be kicked out of your course for drug usage. This means that you have wasted your energy, money and time, and must restart the course from the very beginning.

At this time, the only way to cancel your current education course is use the drawback wrote above and constantly take drugs until you are kicked out.

Advantages of Education

  • Mass Working Stats gain
  • Gym gain boosts
  • Passive stat increases
  • Unlocking certain crimes
  • Crimes success rate boosts
  • 12 Awards ( Honors + Merits )
  • Lower costs of bails, upgrading properties and company advertising
  • Increase bust success rate
  • Ability to kick
  • Increase weapons and medical boosters effectiveness
  • Ability to gain exp on weapons
  • A free set of dual weapons
  • Unlocking new shops
  • Increased ammo effectiveness
  • Increase business efficiency
  • Ability to code viruses
  • Ability to send anonymous mails
  • Ability to find artifacts
  • Ability to exchange plushies, flowers and artifacts for points

How to shorten Education time

Currently there are four ways to shorten education time:

  • through the 1* Sports Team Special "Tutoring". Spending 15 job points will reduce any education course duration by 24 hours.
  • by spending merits on decreasing education time. The merit upgrade removes 2% of the education time per upgrade, up to a maximum of 20% shorter education time with 10 upgrades.
  • with the Faction Special "Adept". Course time is reduced by 2.5% per Adept ranking to a maximum of 20% at Adept VIII.
  • by using "Book of Christmas Carols", that lowers current education time by 2 hours. This item was obtainable only in Xmas Town 2010.

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