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== Advantages of Education ==
== Advantages of Education ==
Mass [[working stat]] gain
Mass [[Working Stats]] gain
Gym gain boosts
Gym gain boosts
Passive stat increases
Passive stat increases

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Education is available from either the sidebar, or the west side of the city, and is extremely beneficial, and it can enhance nearly every aspect of your game

To enrol in an education course, your need to have a required amount of energy and money (varies for each course) some Education courses may also not be open to you until prerequisite courses have been completed

Disadvantages of Education

To complete every course would take a lot of energy and money, although this can bout countered by getting the stock benefits from WSSB and ISTC

While in Education you might be kicked out of your course for drug usage, this means that you have wasted your Energy, money and time and must reattempt the course from the very beginning

Advantages of Education

Mass Working Stats gain Gym gain boosts Passive stat increases Crimes success rate boosts 13merits Discounts on set items Ability to kick Ability to send anonymous mails Increase weapon effectiveness Ability to gain exp on weapons Medical booster effectiveness Available to purchase from certain shops Ability to find new items Increased ammo effectiveness Increase business efficiency Ability to code viruses A free set of dual weapons

How to shorten Education time

Currently there is only two ways to shorten education time, with the sports team job special or by spending merits on decreasing education time

the only way the completely cancel your current education course is to constantly take drugs until you are kicked out (Unlucky if you are Cynic)so be careful on what course you choose

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