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  • Drug effects are never exactly the same, they may tend to vary.
  • Increased drug effect will passively decrease the effects of your battle stats when attacking.
  • You cannot take another drug while you are still feeling the after effects from a previous one. You can tell how long the affect is going to last for by hovering your mouse over the weed symbol.
  • Any effects given that increase your Happiness/Energy/Nerve above the maximum are reset back down to the maximum at the regeneration point, ,XX:X0 for energy - Donators, XX:00/15/30/45 for energy - Non-Donators, XX:00/15/30/45 for Happiness, XX:00/05 for nerve.
  • Check the Items by Location page to see where you can buy what drugs.
  • If you get too addicted to drugs, you will start getting negative effects:
    1. If you get too addicted to drugs your company effectiveness will drop.
    2. If you get too addicted to drugs, you may get kicked out of your Education.
    3. If you take too many drugs, you may lose access to the gym.
  • You can get rid of your addiction by going to Rehab in Switzerland. You can also wait for the addiction to wear off, but it goes down extremely slowly.

Drug Effects Overdose
Cannabis - Increased crime success rate

- Increase of 1-2 nerve

- 60-90 minutes after effect time

- 300-330 minutes hospital time
Ketamine - Increased defence, decreased speed and dexterity (Lasts for entire drug duration - Boost decreases as effects wear off)

- 50-90 minutes after effect time

- 17 hours hospital

- 100% Happiness loss - Increased after effects (24-26 hours)

Opium - Removes 500 minutes hospital time

- Restores 50% life - Increases happiness by 90 - 200-250 minutes after effects

- No overdose
Ecstasy - Doubles happiness (Any increase above the max lasts until the happiness regen point, XX:00/15/30/45)

- 200-220 minutes after effects

- 100% loss of happiness

- Minus 100 energy

Xanax - +250 energy (Any increase above the max lasts until the energy regen point, XX:X0 for donators, XX:00/15/30/45 for non donators)

- +75 Happiness - 360-480 minutes after effects

- 5000 minutes in hospital

- Permanent loss of 50 life - 100% Happiness/Energy/Nerve loss

LSD - +50 Energy

- +50 Happiness - +5 Nerve - Massive awareness increase - 400-450 minutes after effects

- 100% Happiness/Energy/Nerve loss
PCP - Passive increase to Strength and Dexterity (Effect lasts as long after effects are on)

- +250 Happiness - 340-400 minutes after effects

- 999 minutes hospital
Shrooms - +250 happiness (Any increase above maximum reset at regen point, XX:00/15/30/45) - 100% Loss of Energy/Happiness/Nerve

- 100 minutes in hospital

Speed - Passive increase to speed, Passive decrease to dexterity (During drug effect duration) - 450 minutes in hospital
Vicodin - Energy required to attack reduced to 25

- +75 Happiness - 300-350 minutes after effects

- Minus 150 happiness

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