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  • The effects vary for each person, the below information may not be 100% accurate, but it should be nearly there. Please note when you take some drugs they might not do anything, and cause you to lose happy.
  • Drug users with high battlestats are often weaker than clean people with lower battlestats.
  • You cannot take another drug while you are still feeling the after effects from a previous one. You can tell how long the affect is going to last for by hovering your mouse over the symbol.
  • Any effects given that increase your Happiness/Energy/Nerve above the maximum are reset back down to the maximum at the regeneration point, ,XX:X0 for energy - Donators, XX:00/15/30/45 for energy - Non-Donators, XX:00/15/30/45 for Happiness, XX:00/05 for nerve.
  • Check the Items by Location page to see where you can buy what drugs.
  • If you get too addicted to drugs, you will start getting negative effects:

- If you get too addicted to drugs your company effectiveness will drop

- If you get too addicted to drugs, you may get kicked out of your Education.

- If you take too many drugs, you may lose access to the gym.

  • You can get rid of your addiction by going to Rehab in Switzerland. You can also wait for the addiction to wear off, but it goes down extremely slowly.

More information coming soon.

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