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Other Items


Sortable table
Item Location Buy Price Sell Price
Birthday Cake 2005 City Find (No more)
Blue Ornament Given to Staff
Bunch of balloons 2005 City Find (No more)
Chocolate Egg 2005 City Find (No more)
Christmas Cracker 2004 City Find (No more)
Christmas Gnome Given 2008 (No More)
Christmas Tree 2005 City Find (No more)
Cracked Crystal Ball City Find (No more)
Gingerbread House Given 2008 (No More)
Green Ornament Given to Staff
Hamster Plushie NPC Event (No More)
Jack-O-Lantern 2005 City Find (No more)
Mini Sleigh Given 2008 (No More)
Mistletoe Given 2008 (No More)
Purple Bell Given to Staff
Rainbow Stud Earring  ??
Red Ornament Given to Staff
Santa Hat 2004 City Find (No more)
Single White Rose City Find (No more)
Snowflake 2005 City Find (No more)
Snowman Given 2008 (No More)

Staff Items