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*1 x [[Teddy Bear]]
*1 x [[Teddy Bear]]
*1 x [[Sheep Plushie]]
*1 x [[Sheep Plushie]]
*1 x [[Stingray Plushie]]
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*1 x [[Heather]]
*1 x [[Heather]]
*1 x [[Tribulus Omanense]]
*1 x [[Tribulus Omanense]]
*1 x [[Banana Orchid]]
Medieval coin set
Medieval coin set

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Sortable table
Item Location Function
Advent Calendar Xmas 2010 Event N/A
Birthday Cake 2005 City Find (No more) N/A
Blue Ornament Given to Staff N/A
Book of Christmas Carols Xmas 2010 Event Lowers current education time by a small amount.
Bunch of balloons 2005 City Find (No more) N/A
Cauldron Hween 2010 N/A
Chocolate Egg 2005 City Find (No more) N/A
Christmas Cracker 2004 City Find (No more) N/A
Christmas Gnome Given 2008 (No More) N/A
Christmas Lights Xmas 2011 Event N/A
Christmas Tree 2005 City Find (No more) N/A
Cracked Crystal Ball City Find (No more) N/A
Deputy Star HWeen 2010 Event N/A
Electronic Pumpkin HWeen 2010 Event N/A
Gift Card Xmas 2010 Event Lowers current investment time by small amount.
Gingerbread House Given 2008 (No More) N/A
Gingerbread Man Xmas 2011 Event N/A
Golden Nuggat Hween 2011 Event N/A
Golden Wreath Xmas 2011 Event N/A
Green Ornament Given to Staff N/A
Hamster Plushie NPC Event (No More) N/A
Jack-O-Lantern 2005 City Find (No more) N/A
Jack O Lantern Lamp Hween 2010 N/A
Mini Sleigh Given 2008 (No More) N/A
Mistletoe Given 2008 (No More) N/A
Pile of Vomits Hween 2011 Event N/A
Purple Bell Given to Staff N/A
Rainbow Stud Earring  ?? N/A
Red Ornament Given to Staff N/A
Rusty Dog Tag Hween 2011 Event N/A
Santa Boots Xmas 2011 Event N/A
Santa Gloves Xmas 2011 Event N/A
Santa Hat Xmas 2011 Event N/A
Santa Hat 2004 City Find (No more) N/A
Santa Trousers Xmas 2011 Event N/A
Santas Snot Xmas 2010 Event N/A
Single White Rose City Find (No more) N/A
Snowflake 2005 City Find (No more) N/A
Snowman Given 2008 (No More) N/A
Spooky Paper Weight HWeen 2010 Event N/A
Wind Proof Lighter Subscriber Reward& Hween 2010 Reward Crime Enhancer (Arson)
Witches Cauldron HWeen 2010 Event N/A
Witches Hat HWeen 2011 Event (hidden item) N/A

Staff Items

Sortable table
Item# Item Name Staff member Location
133 10 Ton Pacifier ROCK- [1017] Given to Staff
351 Amazon doll Wild_Irish_Btch [322039] Given to Staff
166 Annoying Man Manjot Given to Staff
447 Burmese Flag Baalsagoth [20532] Given to Staff
343 Backstage Pass N/A  ?
353 Bag of cheetos Raewyn [174440] Given to Staff
144 Banana Phone Titan [227473] Given to Staff
169 Barbie Doll Clansdancer [65306] Given to Staff
352 BBQ smoker ---stone--- [70316] Given to Staff
448 Bl0ndies Dictionary Bl0ndie [179706] Given to Staff
161 Black Unicorn Dahlen [7894] Given to Staff
442 Blow-Up Doll Biccy [26472] Given to Staff
126 Blue Dragon blue [35057] Given to Staff
444 Breadfan Doll Breadfan [361121] Competition Win
214 Brutus Keychain N/A Competition Win
153 Case of Whiskey mdshare Given to Staff
445 Chaos Man Chaos_Greg [46203] Given to Staff
344 Chemis Magic Potion Chemigal [270930] Given to Staff
127 China Tea Set Chedburn [1] Given to Staff
165 Chocobo Flute ClouDFFVII [197977] Given to Staff
355 Citrus squeezer Lem0n [228471] Given to Staff
142 Cookie Jar is0lati0n [37763] Given to Staff
313 Cookie Launcher Mix [21666] Given to Staff
211 Crazy Cow MoRoNiCcOw [14580] Given to Staff
150 Crystal Carousel w1ld_h0rs3s [38286] Given to Staff
314 Cursed Moon Pendant Luna [304943] Given to Staff
148 Dance Toy Syrup Given to Staff
371 Dark Doll ttyper [74099] Given to Staff
312 Devil Plushie Tazzy [139168] Given to Staff
342 Dollar Bill Collectible N/A Dollar Sale
213 Dreamcatcher DL Given to Staff
350 Dunkins donut Dunkin [157749] Given to Staff
123 Elite Action Man CertaCito Given to Staff
118 Evil Doll Aethwynn [9900] Given to Staff
349 Flea collar -rob- [65426] Given to Staff
300 Gibals Dragonfly Gibal [11025] Given to Staff
143 Hand Vanity Mirror YoursTruly [33178] Given to Staff
134 Horse Godfather Given to Staff
340 Hunny Pot Acidalia [12990] Given to Staff
449 Hydroponic Grow Tent Hydr0 [304168] Given to Staff
152 Ice Sculpture Icy [2926] Given to Staff
299 Jesters Cap Jester [66553] Given to Staff
446 Karate Man Wolfeh [172806] Given to Staff
357 Kevlar helmet -KC [130919] Given to Staff
441 Khinkeh P0rnStar Doll Kharma [156342] Given to Staff
212 Legends Urn The_Legend [1070] Given to Staff
131 Lego Hurin Hurin [87] Given to Staff
164 Leukaemia TeddyBear LeukyBear [83808] Given to Staff
137 Locked Teddy Locked [33257] Given to Staff
149 Lucky Dime Dime [502523] Given to Staff
311 Mardi Gras Beads Body [70242] Competition Win
298 Monkey Cuffs MoNKeY [90100] Given to Staff
354 Motorbike Numbat [301091] Given to Staff
122 Mouser Doll Mouser [6] Given to Staff
288 Mr Brownstone doll Mr_Brownstone [141050] Given to Staff
128 Mufasa Plushie Randi [11] Given to Staff
132 Mystical Sphere Phyrax [6448] Given to Staff
114 Non-Anon Doll Someone [189399] Given to Staff
163 Official Ninja Kit hiro Given to Staff
287 Pand0ras Box Pand0ra [132296] Given to Staff
157 Patriot Whip Utbracket Given to Staff
113 Pet Rock Matt [166] Given to Staff
115 Poker Doll Peachy [10474] Given to Staff
140 Pouncer Doll SexySassy [2510] Given to Staff
155 Purple Frog Doll KrakFreak [9170] Given to Staff
339 Puzzle piece Chris [28161] Given to Staff
138 Riddles Bat Riddle Given to Staff
121 RockerHead Doll Rocker [3782] Given to Staff
125 Royal Doll KingAce Given to Staff
119 Rubber Ducky of Doom Quacks [2] Given to Staff
341 Seductive Stethoscope Drmark [14505] Given to Staff
338 sh0rtys surfboard Sh0rty [284579] Given to Staff
130 Skanky Doll Infrit [3198] Given to Staff
156 Skeleton Key Hoorang Given to Staff
139 Soup Nazi Doll LESTAT [315134] Given to Staff
141 Spammer Doll Templar Given to Staff
158 Statue Of Aeolus Aeolus [21660] Given to Staff
443 Strawberry Milkshake Hate_Train [23707] Given to Staff
136 Strife Clown Strife Given to Staff
356 Superman shades Stiefie [287743] Given to Staff
120 Teppic Bear Teppic [1743] Given to Staff
124 Toy Reactor Les_Claypool Given to Staff
117 Trojan Horse Tebbs [5] Given to Staff
135 Uriels Speakers Uriel [193] Given to Staff
162 WarPaint Kit Scarlet [54598] Given to Staff
116 Yoda Figurine Yoda [33175] Given to Staff
314 YouYou Yo Yo Meme [125270] Given to Staff
582 Tin Foil Hat N/A 2010 All Staff item
112 Test Trophy N/A Unused Item


Once you have completed the History Studies Education Bachelor, you can trade items in the TC Museum. These items can be hard to find, after you collect complete sets of these items trading them will get you Points.

Plushie set 5 Points

To exchange a full Plushie set for 5 points, you require the following...

Exotic flower set 10 Points

To exchange an Exotic flower set for 10 points, you require the following...

Medieval coin set 100 Points

To exchange a Medieval coin set for 100 points, you require the following...

Vairocana Buddha 100 Points

To exchange a Vairocana Buddha for 100 points, you require the following...

Ganesha Sculpture 250 Points

To exchange a Ganesha Sculpture for 250 points, you require the following...

Shabti Sculpture 500 Points

To exchange a Ganesha Sculpture for 500 points, you require the following...

Scripts from the Quran 1,000 Points

To exchange a Scripts from the Quran for 1,000 points, you require the following...

Senet game set 2,000 Points

To exchange a Senet game set for 2,000 points, you require the following...

Egyptian Amulet 10,000 Points

To exchange a Egyptian Amulet for 10,000 points, you require the following...


  • Want to know where some of these really rare collectibles are? Check out Jacob- [972654's guide!


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