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In Jail

City Jail is where you go when you get caught by violation city law and enter into conflict with police.

The following actions will send you to jail:

  • Failing a Crime- it cause you lose crime experience.
  • Failing a Bust
  • Holiday events, such as Christmas events also send you to jail.

Jail time depend on what action did you failed: from 20 mins for trying to sell CD to around 13 hours for unsuccessful bombing.

When in the city Jail, you can train every stat except dexterity (reason below) but the gain will be much lower than on normal city gym. Also, you can't do anything that requires access to the city and you also cannot view your home page, however you can use the in-jail chat, visible only for other inmates, visit your Faction page, and use your mailbox.



Busting is an attempt to free an imprisoned person from the Jail by someone outside. The only important factor while doing this is your dexterity, which increases your chance of success. Every bust costs 10 energy, but it can be decreased by faction's Pertinent upgrade.

If you fail to bust someone, you will find yourself in Jail for around 1h - 1h 45mins.

Remember, the inmates who have:

  • lower level
  • shorter jail time left
  • sentence for failed bust or self bust

are easier to bust. Also don't try to bust too many people in a short time, because it will increase your fail chance. Yes, the prison guards aren't so blind.

Self bust

You're impatient and you don't want to wait? Then try to escape oneself.

Attempt of self bust will cost half of your max nerve bar (rounded up) and can only be done if your Jail time is lower than 200 minutes. Once again, only dexterity can help here.

Failure when self busting will add to your Jail time.

Bail and self bail

You don't feel enough dexterious? They pay for someone's freedom.

Bail cost (25 * remaining Jail time in minutes * inmate level).

You can also buy yourself out of prison, if you have a certain education course done, or if you own a Lawyer Business Card.

Helpful things

You can improve your break out ability by:

  • doing Law education. Certain courses:
- reduce the chance of being caught when trying to escape from Jail and amount of Nerve required to escape from Jail.
- give the ability to buy yourself out of Jail. 
- give a total 15% bonus to your skill in Busting and the same discount when buying people out of Jail.  
- Bachelor of Law makes busting 50% easier and buying out 50% cheaper.
  • training your dexterity hard (however rumours says, that you need only 4,500 dex to counter 1 hour Jail sentence).
  • buying yourself a Lawyer Business Card. It also available via the stock benefit and it's reusable.

Side notes

  • You can receive 7 Medals and 3 Honors for successful busts and 1 Honor for 500 bails.
  • Earlier, training defence in Jail gym gave better gains, but this effect was removed after introducing new gym system.
  • Self busting used to gives free boost to your dexterity (around 0.1% of current stat). This possibility was officially removed.
  • Rumors says, that busting gives good crime experience and zero loss in the case of fail, but opinions about this trait are divided. You can check this picture from Link's [1413750] thread about Political assassinations available here for reaserch about it (unfortunatelly, thread is graved).

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