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City Jail is where you go when you get caught by the police committing a crime. Going to jail by failing a Crime causes you to lose crime experience. When in the city jail, you will also not be able to visit the City, your homepage or the Hospital, other things such as your Faction and mailbox are still open though.

The following actions will send you to jail:

  • Failing a Crime
  • Failing a Bust
  • Holiday events, such as Christmas events also send you to jail.

  • You can bust yourself out of jail if your jail-time is below 200 minutes, it will cost you up to half your (full) nerve bar. If you complete the International Human Rights law education course it reduces the nerve needed to self bust even further.
  • You may also buy yourself out of jail if you own a Lawyers Business Card these cards have unlimited uses.
  • Busting yourself out no longer gives a dexterity stat boost.

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