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Torn hosts its own IRC Server and features an embedded flash IRC applet which can be accessed from the Chat link in the Sidebar. It can also be accessed from any IRC client (Click here for a list of clients). Be aware that your actions on IRC are still subject to the Game Rules. The Staff member specially responsible for managing IRC is Evil_Fast (313482).

Popular Rooms

Anyone can create new rooms, below is a list of some popular/official rooms:

Simple Commands

Command Result
/nick newname Change your the chat nick you are using
/join #newroom Create a new chat room or join a room that already exists
/me message Sends a message like mynick *jumps
/whois nick Shows you information about the nickname
/list Updates the room list
/quit Leave chat and disconnect from the server

Follow this link for more information on IRC Commands


Changed on 12.08.10 Old java applet replaced with a flash one.

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