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Got an enemy who you can't beat? Want to put someone in hospital but don't want to waste the energy? Want to earn some merits and make money along the way? If yes to any of those questions then welcome to the bounty page in the Torn City newspaper.

For the price of £10,000 x the level of your target you can place a bounty on them!

You can only set a maximum of 10 bounties per time on the same victim but beware that bounties will expire after 7 days with no refund given. If somebody buys off a bounty (which will cost them 3x the cost of the bounty) you have placed, then again you will not receive a refund.

If you don't want your victim to know it was you who placed a bounty on them then for an extra 50% of the cost you can place it anonymously.

You can also earn merits and honors by claiming bounties. Bounties can be claimed not just by via the bounty page in the newspaper. You can claim bounties abroad, via the warbase and via their profile page, all you have to do is hit attack.

Bounties are not a popular method for exacting revenge on enemies due to the low costs of medical items meaning the person who sets the bounty will lose out more monetarily. A lot of those in the bounty page are looking for free defends so if you aren't the strongest then make sure you check the player's personal stats and then make a decision on whether to claim it otherwise you will lose out on energy.