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Black Jack is a widely known Casino Card Game. You must be Level 4 to play Black Jack.

How to Play

The aim of the game is to beat the dealer. To do this you must choose whether you will "Hit" or "Stand". If the value of your cards goes over than 21 than you lose the game and your bet. The Dealer will always Stand when they have 17 or Higher and always Hit if they have 16 and under.

  • Both players (you and the dealer) start with 2 cards. Both of your cards are shown to you, however, you only see the dealer's first card.
  • Once you have your two cards you must choose whether to:
    1. Hit - This means that you get another card.
    2. Stand - This means that you don't get anymore cards, your turn is over and it is now the dealer's turn.
    3. Double Down - This means that you double your bet, get 1 more card than stand.
    4. Surrender - This means that you forfeit the game and you are given half your bet back.
    5. Split - This can only be done if you have two of the same cards, e.g. 4,4 or Q,Q. When you split you double your bet and get two hands. You play your second hand once the first one if over.
Note: You can stand whenever you like, not just on the first go.

Card Values

  • Ace - This card can be worth 1 or 11. It will automatically be 11 unless your second card is another Ace. If you choose to "Hit" and your third card would make you bust (you hand value being over 21) then your Ace would be 1.
  • 2-10 - These cards are the same value which they represent.
  • Jack, Queen and King - All picture cards represent 10.

Special Hands

  • If you have 5 cards and haven't busted than you have a "5 Card Charlie". This means that (unless the dealer also has a "5 Card Charlie") then you automatically beat them. If the dealer also has a "5 Card Charlie" then normal rules apply and the winner is the one with the highest card value.
  • If you have an Ace and a 10, Jack, Queen or King than you have "Black Jack" this means that your hand is equal to 21 on 2 cards and you automatically win. You also win 2.5x your bet, rather than 2x.
Note: You only automatically win if the dealer doesn't also have Black Jack.

Black Jack Guide

The guide below will tell you what to do depending on what cards you are dealt and what card the dealer has shown.




This table doesn't offer 100% wins, however, it does offer the most likely way you will win


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