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||http://i.imgur.com/PvvEu.png||Kill 50 zombies as a civilian in the "Torn of the dead" event.  
||http://i.imgur.com/PvvEu.png||Kill 50 zombies as a civilian in the "Torn of the dead" event.  
||??||Survive the entire month of "Torn of the dead" as a civilian.
||http://i.imgur.com/iKUPG.png||Survive the entire month of "Torn of the dead" as a civilian.
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||Painkiller Abuse||Use 5,000 medical items
||Painkiller Abuse||Use 5,000 medical items
||Attention Seeker||Use 50,000 medical items
||Attention Seeker||Use 25,000 medical items

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Award Information

Awards can be earned in the form of Honors, and Medals. There are also default Honors which do not need to be earned and are available to all players. Earned Honors and all Medals also provide a Merit. Certain honors have also been known to come with other rewards when linked to contests, such as the Mr & Mrs Torn event, and the Annual Torn City Endurance Challenge.


Currently, 168 obtainable honors are known and 2 others require confirmation.

For an excellent guide on how to achieve most of these Honors, see the Honors Guide by Gungrave.


Defaults Z42fz.png Various Country Flags
L17GY.png Non Country Flags
2sQHp.png Default
MDkRl.png Standard Bar

Camo & General attacking

Camo (Attacking) FtmPN.png 5 Attacks Won
eSqfB.png 20 Attacks Won
gyS1q.png 50 Attacks Won
KkfXF.png 100 Attacks Won
bu5GJ.png 250 Attacks Won
0OEg4.png 500 Attacks Won
wjXRy.png 1,000 Attacks Won
Mrzqj.png 2,000 Attacks Won
TylZM.png 3,000 Attacks Won
YQJGO.png 4,000 Attacks Won
lzUQP.png 5,000 Attacks Won
Camo (Hunting) R9wDs.png 50 Hunting Skill
cjwMr.png 75 Hunting Skill
nR7S3.png 100 Hunting Skill
Chaining FRU3y.png Perform hit #10 in a chain
NPeUX.png Perform hit #25 in a chain
8kW7Y.png Perform hit #50 in a chain
8wKZp.png Perform hit #75 in a chain
1EIEh.png Perform hit #100 in a chain
Finishing hits 9rljz.png 100 Rifles finishing hits
jq8HT.png 100 Sub machine gun finishing hits
BOfDI.png 100 Clubbed weapon finishing hits
r4BsN.png 100 Shotgun finishing hits
NqIYQ.png 100 Machine gun finishing hits
lyb9s.png 100 Temporary weapon finishing hits
0WLOP.png 100 Machinery finishing hits
xUUmb.png 100 Slashing weapon finishing hits
O32Jp.png 100 Heavy artillery finishing hits
pSVaB.png 100 Piercing weapon finishing hits
IYuS8.png 100 Pistol finishing hits
Misc. Attacking 3CxbD.png Achieve a 10 kill streak
Laxv1.png Achieve a 100 kill streak
sDp0i.png Achieve a 500 kill streak
ebi2d.png Achieve 25 critical hits
xus6I.png Achieve 1,000 Critical Hits
cLdUr.png Beat someone wearing this honor
42CxU.png Collect 250 bounties
LXHUR.png Earn $10,000,000 from bounty hunting
MAgwW.png Fire 2,500 rounds
7qLhf.png Fire 25,000 rounds
f24A7.png Make $1,000,000 from a single mugging
XFWZL.png Stalemate 100 times
MC3FW.png Win 1,000 attacks and 1,000 defends
lVB5y.png Win 50 Defends
MR6XS.png Win 100 stealthed attacks


Casino 9PmWH.png Win the Lottery jackpot
u4YzC.png Win the Slot Machine jackpot
NQ5Yy.png Reach a Poker score of 10 million
OwaJe.png Do 1000 spins of the Roulette wheel


Crimes wcGkF.png 5,000 "Other" crimes
rN2sM.png 5,000 Selling Illegal Products
wwQyd.png 1,000 Thefts
AznHb.png 2,500 Thefts
adHlW.png 5,000 Thefts
DqYQX.png 7,500 Thefts
q4Ce9.png 10,000 Thefts
yVGrI.png 5,000 Drug Deals
NLFqN.png 1,000 Computer crimes
XJbQw.png 5,000 Computer crimes
WxTd0.png 5,000 Murders
oals8.png 5,000 Fraud Crimes
UjZrd.png 5,000 Auto Theft
oCfy0.png Commit 10,000 crimes.

Dirty Bombs

Dirty bombs discoveryhonor.png Be in a faction which starts making a dirty bomb
IqBED.png Use a dirty bomb
bDcya.png Use a dirty bomb

True triggers behind RDD and Slow Bomb are not yet clear, so it is possible either award may be added for a single bomb. RDD is not always for a 'second' bomb' as noted on other sites.


nxVX6.png Overdose on Cannabis
GS6O8.png Use 50 Cannabis
HGcaP.png Use 50 Shrooms
5FpIS.png Use 50 Ecstasy
2Pr9J.png Use 50 LSD
OQTFj.png Use 50 Vicodin
8vnqj.png Use 50 Ketamine
5Vmp8.png Use 50 Opium
R6JO7.png Use 50 Speed
MLgws.png Use 50 PCP
R8g75.png Use 50 Xanax


Dump aifwY.png Trash 5,000 items
HddtM.png Find 1,000 items in dump


Education DfGXl.png Complete all Biology courses
qTzUW.png Complete all Business Management courses
llFU2.png Complete all Combat Training courses
lnCU3.png Complete all Computer Science courses
a6AzQ.png Complete all General Studies courses
AjbPZ.png Complete all Health & Fitness courses
Ri5Js.png Complete all History courses
wWGtW.png Complete all Law courses
jEX37.png Complete all Maths courses
yzymC.png Complete all Psychology courses
MxGjo.png Complete all Self Defence courses
vgRhT.png Complete all Sports Science courses

Gyms & Stats

Gyms Unlocked h3wMu.png Activate all Light-Weight gyms
wPWZr.png Activate all Middle-weight gyms
Vk8sm.png Activate all Heavy-weight gyms
Stats X6TBa.png Gain a total of 1,000,000 Strength
F7aKP.png Gain a total of 1,000,000 Defence
SPd9Z.png Gain a total of 1,000,000 Dexterity
WdS3f.png Gain a total of 1,000,000 Speed

Money & Trading

Banking ltSDe.png Make an investment in the city bank
obnTL.png Make an investment in the city bank of over $1,000,000,000.
Stock Market ZK3Kf.png Have great success in the stock market.
PSz11.png Actively buy and sell shares in the stock market
Loan shark DNOVM.png Take out a $500,000 loan from the loan shark
Trading PjTlY.png Win 100 auctions
kvYX1.png Have 100 different customers buy from your bazaar
72kcD.png Sell 1,000 points in Points Market

Jail & Hospital

Jail qpt8Z.png Bust 1,000 players out of jail
ySUG9.png Bust 2,500 players out of jail
CWjSK.png Bust 10,000 players out of jail
QwaKD.png Bail 500 players out of jail
Hospital TDyUv.png Use 5000 medical items
LUS6d.png Steal 500 medical items
4FMUx.png Revive 500 players
AMoyz.png Revive 1,000 players


Levelling v6WmL.png Reach level 5 in Torn Lite
rFca6.png Reach level 10
d93Eh.png Reach level 50
oGjsM.png Reach level 75
Hfzxg.png Reach level 100
ncl1H.png Reach level 100


Marriage 9DXpM.png Stay married for 250 days
zATAp.png Stay married for 750 days
XAgYO.png Stay married for 1,500 days


Miscellaneous ufqZi.png Reach 1,000 hours of Time Played on Torn
NPzi7.png Use 250 Refills
8ZoTY.png Do 100 Army Spy Reports
NTYr0.png Reach 250 rewards
n3YG7.png Program 100 viruses
iF6Rw.png Irritate all job interviewers
n2uTw.png Reach 100 personal perks


Newspaper hV0Xo.png Having an article published
BOxst.png Having a comic published


Property 5gCtn.png Add an Airstrip to a Private Island
BaVWw.png Own a Yacht


Racing 380ix.png Reach Class A
9ascX.png 250 wins in the same car


Referring 9JRB1.png Refer 1 player who reaches level 10
wptiy.png Refer 2 players who reach level 10
xGrK2.png Refer 3 players who reach level 10
rhVpr.png Have one of your referrals refer 5 other players who reach level 10

Torn Special Events

Special Events rkmCc.png Make an entry for Mr/Miss. Torn.
W0juw.png Trade in all Easter Eggs for the Golden Easter Egg in the Scavenger Hunt
gnptv.png Collect 50 dog tags in Happy Tagging competition.
YUxkS.png Complete first 4 levels of Endurance Challenge
Os4BB.png Complete 5th level of Endurance Challenge
Ls7pb.png Complete 6th level of Endurance Challenge
8Nrzi.png Complete bonus task of Endurance Challenge
UuEKc.png Be a member of top 10 countries in the World War competition.
cXk78.png Make 50 attacks for your country in the World War competition.
u6Qma.png Help your flag achieve 1st place in the World War competition.
259k3.png Infect 50 civilians as a zombie in the "Torn of the dead" event.
PvvEu.png Kill 50 zombies as a civilian in the "Torn of the dead" event.
iKUPG.png Survive the entire month of "Torn of the dead" as a civilian.


Travel 8grln.png Travel 100 Times
OYorw.png Travel 1,000 Times
35j6q.png Travel to Mexico 50 times
fss2P.png Travel to Canada 50 times
CwHV7.png Travel to Cayman Islands 50 times
s4FY5.png Travel to Hawaii 50 times
gFXGm.png Travel to England 50 times
XCnVY.png Travel to Switzerland 50 times
DUDAi.png Travel to Argentina 50 times
m2cRT.png Travel to Japan 50 times
gEP58.png Travel to China 50 times
WT2PJ.png Travel to Dubai 50 times
kJJV1.png Travel to South Africa 50 times


Currently, 220 out of 224 obtainable medals are known. We're still looking for information about 4 unknown medals.


178.png Attacks won Anti Social Win 50 attacks
Happy Slapper Win 250 attacks
Scar Maker Win 500 attacks
Going Postal Win 2,500 attacks
Somebody Call 911 Win 10,000 attacks
203.png Bounties Hired Gun Collect 25 bounties
Bone Collector Collect 100 bounties
The Fett Collect 500 bounties
197.png Critical hits Boom Headshot Deal 500 critical hits
Pwned in the face Deal 2,500 critical hits
Lee Harvey Oswald Deal 10,000 critical hits
183.png Defends won Bouncer Win 50 defends
Brick wall Win 250 defends
Turtle Win 500 defends
Solid as a Rock Win 2,500 defends
Fortress Win 10,000 defends
189.png Enemies run away Ego Smashing 50 enemies run away
Underestatimated 250 enemies run away
Run Forest Run 1,000 enemies run away
194.png Kill streak Strike Win 25 consecutive fights
Barrage Win 50 consecutive fights
Skirmish Win 100 consecutive fights
Blitzkrieg Win 250 consecutive fights
Onslaught Win 500 consecutive fights
224.png Respect earned Recruit Earn 100 respect
Associate Earn 500 respect
Picciotto Earn 1,000 respect
Soldier Earn 2,500 respect
Capo Earn 5,000 respect
Contabile Earn 10,000 respect
Consigliere Earn 25,000 respect
Underboss Earn 50,000 respect
?? ??
?? ??
186.png Run aways Close escape Run away from 50 enemies
Blind Jugdement Run away from 250 enemies
Overzealous Run away from 1,000 enemies


214.png Donator Citizenship Be a donator for 30 days
Devoted Be a donator for 100 days
Diligent Be a donator for 250 days
?? ??
?? ??
151.png Faction Membership Apprentice Faction Member Same faction for 100 consecutive days
Committed Faction Member Same faction for 200 days
Loyal Faction Member Same faction for 300 days
Dedicated Faction Member Same faction for 400 days
Faithful Faction Member Same faction for 500 days
Allegiant Faction Member Same faction for 600 days
Devoted Faction Member Same faction for 700 days
Dutiful Faction Member Same faction for 800 days
Flawless Faction Member Same faction for 900 days
Honorable Faction Member Same faction for 1000 days
162.png Marriage Silver Anniversary Same spouse for 50 consecutive days
Ruby Anniversary Same spouse for 100 days
Sapphire Anniversary Same spouse for 150 days
Emerald Anniversary Same spouse for 200 days
Gold Anniversary Same spouse for 250 days
Diamond Anniversary Same spouse for 300 days
Platinum Anniversary Same spouse for 350 days
Double Silver Anniversary Same spouse for 400 days
Double Ruby Anniversary Same spouse for 450 days
Double Sapphire Anniversary Same spouse for 500 days
Double Emerald Anniversary Same spouse for 550 days
Double Gold Anniversary Same spouse for 600 days
Double Diamond Anniversary Same spouse for 650 days
Double Platinum Anniversary Same spouse for 700 days
Triple Silver Anniversary Same spouse for 750 days
Triple Ruby Anniversary Same spouse for 800 days
Triple Sapphire Anniversary Same spouse for 850 days
Triple Emerald Anniversary Same spouse for 900 days
Triple Gold Anniversary Same spouse for 1,000 days
Triple Diamond Anniversary Same spouse for 1,500 days
Triple Platinum Anniversary Same spouse for 2,000 days


Auto Theft (Grand Theft Auto)

141.png Auto Thefts Gone In 300 Seconds Commit 200 Grand Theft Auto crimes
Gone In 240 Seconds Commit 400 GTA crimes
Gone in 180 Seconds Commit 600 GTA crimes
Gone In 120 Seconds Commit 800 GTA crimes
Gone In 60 Seconds Commit 1,000 GTA crimes
Gone In 45 Seconds Commit 1,200 GTA crimes
Gone In 30 Seconds Commit 1,500 GTA crimes
Gone In 15 Seconds Commit 2,000 GTA crimes
Booster Commit 2,500 GTA crimes
Joyrider Commit 3,000 GTA crimes
Super Booster Commit 3,500 GTA crimes
Master Carjacker Commit 4,000 GTA crimes
Slim Jim Commit 4,500 GTA crimes
Novice Joy Rider Commit 5,000 GTA crimes
Novice Slim Jim Commit 5,500 GTA crimes
Professional Joy Rider Commit 6,000 GTA crimes
Professional Booster Commit 6,500 GTA crimes
Professional Slim Jim Commit 7,000 GTA crimes
Master Joy Rider Commit 8,000 GTA crimes
Master Booster Commit 9,000 GTA crimes
Master Slim Jim Commit 10,000 GTA crimes

Computer Crimes (Plant a Virus & Hacking)

147.png Computer crimes Ub3rn00b Hacker Commit 500 Computer crimes
N00b Hacker Commit 1,000 Computer crimes
1337n00b Hacker Commit 1,500 Computer crimes
Ph34r3dn00b Hacker Commit 2,000 Computer crimes
Ph34r3d Hacker Commit 2,500 Computer crimes
Ph34r3d1337 Hacker Commit 3,000 Computer crimes
Ub3rph34r3d Hacker Commit 3,500 Computer Crimes
Ub3r Hacker Commit 4,000 Computer Crimes
1337 Hacker Commit 4,500 Computer Crimes
Ub3r1337 Hacker Commit 5,000 Computer Crimes
Key Puncher Commit 5,500 Computer crimes
Script Kid Commit 6,000 Computer crimes
Geek Speak Commit 7,000 Computer crimes
Techie Commit 8,000 Computer crimes
Cyber Punk Commit 9,000 Computer crimes
Programmer Commit 10,000 Computer crimes

Drug Deals (Transport Drugs)

155.png Drug Deals Drug Pusher Commit 250 Drug Crimes
Drug Runner Commit 500 Drug Crimes
Drug Dealer Commit 1,000 Drug crimes
Drug Lord Commit 2,000 Drug crimes
Candy Man Commit 4,000 Drug crimes
Connection Commit 6,000 Drug crimes
King Pin Commit 8,000 Drug crimes
Supplier Commit 10,000 Drug crimes

Fraud (Arson, Pawn Shop, Counterfeiting and Bombing)

132.png Frauds Fake Commit 300 Fraud crimes
Counterfeit Commit 600 Fraud crimes
Pretender Commit 900 Fraud crimes
Clandestine Commit 1,200 Fraud crimes
Imposter Commit 1,500 Fraud crimes
Pseudo Commit 2,000 Fraud crimes
Imitation Commit 2,500 Fraud crimes
Simulated Commit 3,000 Fraud crimes
Hoax Commit 3,500 Fraud crimes
Faux Commit 4,000 Fraud crimes
Poser Commit 5,000 Fraud crimes
Deception Commit 6,000 Fraud crimes
Phony Commit 7,000 Fraud crimes
Parody Commit 8,000 Fraud crimes
Travesty Commit 9,000 Fraud crimes
Pyro Commit 10,000 Fraud crimes

Murder (Assassination)

165.png Murder Beginner Assassin Commit 1,000 Murders
Novice Assassin Commit 2,000 Murders
Competent Assassin Commit 3,000 Murders
Elite Assassin Commit 4,000 Murders
Deadly Assassin Commit 5,000 Murders
Lethal Assassin Commit 6,000 Murders
Fatal Assassin Commit 7,000 Murders
Trigger man Commit 8,000 Murders
Hit Man Commit 9,000 Murders
Executioner Commit 10,000 Murders

Theft (Shoplifting, Pickpocketing, Larceny, Armed Robbery and Kidnapping)

172.png Thefts Sneak Thief Commit 1,000 Theft crimes
Prowler Commit 2,500 Theft crimes
Safe Cracker Commit 5,000 Theft crimes
Marauder Commit 7,500 Theft crimes
Cat Burglar Commit 10,000 Theft crimes
Pilferer Commit 12,500 Theft crimes
Desperado Commit 15,000 Theft crimes
Rustler Commit 17,500 Theft crimes
Pick-Pocket Commit 20,000 Theft crimes
Vandal Commit 22,500 Theft crimes
Kleptomaniac Commit 25,000 Theft crimes


53.png Level Level Five Reach level Five
Level Ten Reach level Ten
Level Fifteen Reach level Fifteen
Level Twenty Reach level Twenty
Level Twenty Five Reach level Twenty Five
Level Thirty Reach level Thirty
Level Thirty Five Reach level Thirty Five
Level Forty Reach level Forty
Level Forty Five Reach level Forty Five
Level Fifty Reach level Fifty
Level Fifty Five Reach level Fifty Five
Level Sixty Reach level Sixty
Level Sixty Five Reach level Sixty Five
Level Seventy Reach level Seventy
Level Seventy Five Reach level Seventy Five
Level Eighty Reach level Eighty
Level Eighty Five Reach level Eighty Five
Level Ninety Reach level Ninety
Level Ninety Five Reach level Ninety Five
Level One Hundred Reach level One Hundred


107.png Busting Novice Buster Bust 250 people from the Torn City jail
Intermediate Buster Bust 500 people from the Torn City jail
Advanced Buster Bust 1,000 people from the Torn City jail
Professional Buster Bust 2,000 people from the Torn City jail
Expert Buster Bust 4,000 people from the Torn City jail
Master Buster Bust 6,000 people from the Torn City jail
Guru Buster Bust 8,000 people from the Torn City jail
206.png City finds Watchful 10 items found
Finders Keepers 50 items found
Eagle Eye 100 items found
200.png Medical Item Use Pin Cushion Use 500 medical items
Painkiller Abuse Use 5,000 medical items
Attention Seeker Use 25,000 medical items
209.png Travel Frequent Flyer Travel abroad 25 times
Jetlagged Travel abroad 100 times
Mile High Club Travel abroad 500 times


96.png Networth Apprentice Reach a Networth value of over $1,000,000
Millionaire Reach a Networth value of over $5,000,000
Executive Reach a Networth value of over $10,000,000
CEO Reach a Networth value of over $25,000,000
Entrepreneur Reach a Networth value of over $50,000,000
Magnate Reach a Networth value of over $100,000,000
Tycoon Reach a Networth value of over $250,000,000
Mogul Reach a Networth value of over $500,000,000


25.png Rank Beginner Reach the rank of "Beginner"
Inexperienced Reach the rank of "Inexperienced"
Rookie Reach the rank of "Rookie"
Novice Reach the rank of "Novice"
Below Average Reach the rank of "Below Average"
Average Reach the rank of "Average"
Reasonable Reach the rank of "Reasonable"
Above Average Reach the rank of "Above Average"
Competent Reach the rank of "Competent"
Highly Competent Reach the rank of "Highly Competent"
Veteran Reach the rank of "Veteran"
Distinguished Reach the rank of "Distinguished"
Highly Distinguished Reach the rank of "Highly distinguished"
Professional Reach the rank of "Professional"
Star Reach the rank of "Star
Master Reach the rank of "Master"
Outstanding Reach the rank of "Outstanding"
Celebrity Reach the rank of "Celebrity"
Supreme Reach the rank of "Supreme"
Idol Reach the rank of "Idol"
Champion Reach the rank of "Champion"
Hero Reach the rank of "Hero"
Legend Reach the rank of "Legend"
Elite Reach the rank of "Elite"
Invincible Reach the rank of "Invincible"

Historical Notes

The medals for Donator Days previously were awarded for Voting for Torn on various gaming sites. However, the voting process was suspended for a time, and the medals frozen. Ultimately they were replaced with the Donator Days with the update of Nov. 10, 2011 [1]. Those who had Voting medals retained them, and their donator days are added on top of their prior voting total.

The Luxury Real Estate honour originally was given for ownership of a Private Island. As of the Patch: Fixes and Updates 19/02/12, it is now given for customizing a Private Island with an Airstrip.