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Annual Torn City Competitions

Some competitions in torn happen once a year; this page is a list of those and the month they are scheduled.

 Note: Unconfirmed competitions have been mentioned as possibilities by Chedburn[1] but are not currently in the game.
  • For details on awards obtained during annual events see Awards

January 5th - King of the Hill (Unconfirmed, faction related competition)

February 5th - Empty slot

March 5th - Happy Tagging

  • During the Happy Tagging competition players all start with 1 dog tag and must attack other players to take their dog tags one at a time (if their target happens have them). The players with the most tags at the end of the month receive rewards.

April 5th - Easter Egg Hunt

  • During the annual Easter Egg hunt, hidden Easter eggs may appear on various pages when loading them. The goal is to click on those eggs to collect 10 Easter eggs of different colors, which you may exchange for a golden Easter egg, a points reward and an honour bar - and possibly be entered in a drawing to win other rewards.

May 5th - Empty slot

June 5th - Boss Fight (Unconfirmed, requires new attack system)

July 5th - Mr / Miss Torn

  • During the Mr / Miss torn event players must submit a real life picture that includes their torn name/ID number and is usually required to have a specific theme. Other players then rate the photos on a scale of 1-10, and the top rated players receive rewards. The #1 player in the Mr and Miss category each receive their own individual unique crown item.

August 5th - Endurance Challenge

  • The Endurance challenge gives you a set of various tasks of differing difficulty to complete for rewards. See Endurance Challenge for more details.

September 5th - World War

  • Though the World War event changes a bit each year the goal is to join a country (or flag such as Jolly Roger) and fight for that flag for a month attempting to perform better than the opposing flags.

October 5th - Halloween Town

  • During Halloween Town players must explore a map in a mini-game and follow quest lines to obtain items unique to Halloween town, as well as explore for free goodies.

November 5th - Torn of the Dead

  • During the Torn of the Dead event some players will become zombies, and some will be humans. When humans attack zombies they have a chance to obtain a zombie brain, while when zombies attack humans they not only have a chance to obtain a human head but will turn the target player into a zombie as well.

December 5th - Christmas Town

  • During Christmas Town players must explore a map in a mini-game and follow quest lines to obtain items unique to Christmas Town, as well as explore for free goodies.