Basic information

To join Torn City Jobs or player run Companies you must attain certain amounts of working stats.

There are three categories:

  • Manual Labour (MAN)
  • Intelligence (INT)
  • Endurance (END)

Torn City Jobs require specific amounts of all three work stats to join; for details see Jobs

Companies require only two out of three work stats also known as Primary Work Stat and Secondary Work Stats. These are used to calculate your efficiency when employed.

The basic formula to calculate Efficiency(your work stats compared to position requirements) is

66.66% Primary Work Stat + 33.33% Secondary Work Stat = 100% Efficiency

Methods of increasing work stats

Daily PASSIVE gains from Jobs and Companies

While employed in a Torn city Job you earn Manual, Intelligence and Endurance of varying amounts depending on your rank and job.

Directors of a player run Companies can gain 10 Manual, 10 Intelligence, and 10 Endurance per star their company is ranked at (up to a Max of 50 Man/Int/End).

As an employee of a player run company you gain Primary and Secondary work stats based on your efficiency each day. Efficiency is based on how close your work stats are to the position requirements. The work stats you gain are the same as those required for the company position.

Commpany work stat gains and requirements are on the job listing page in the newspaper as seen in the example below:

Oil Rig Ranks
Positions Primary requirement Secondary requirement Passive daily stat gain
Driller Primary Stat: 150,000 MAN Secondary Stat: 75,000 INT Stat Gain: 70 MAN / 35 INT
Roughneck Primary Stat: 75,000 MAN Secondary Stat: 37,500 END Stat Gain: 65 MAN / 33 END
Derrick Hand Primary Stat: 94,000 MAN Secondary Stat: 47,000 END Stat Gain: 67 MAN & 34 END
Secretary Primary Stat: 112,500 END Secondary Stat: 56,250 INT Stat Gain: 68 END & 34 INT
Inspector Primary Stat: 225,000 INT Secondary Stat: 112,500 END Stat Gain: 74 INT & 37 END
Sales Executive Primary Stat: 131,500 INT Secondary Stat: 65,750 END Stat Gain: 69 INT & 35 END
Motor Hand Primary Stat: 112,500 MAN Secondary Stat: 56,250 INT Stat Gain: 68 MAN & 34 INT

Director training from companies

As an employee at a player run company, you can receive up to twenty(20) Director Trains a day. Trains are added daily; one train per star your company is, the maximum amount of trains a company can hold is 20. If you can afford to negotiate with a Director to train you this way it is the fastest method to increase your work stats.

Each Director train will always give you 50 Primary and 25 Secondary work stats based on the requirements of the position. This is regardless of your efficiency at the job. This makes them ideal for players with little to no work stats unlike passive work stat gains. Example Picture of Director Train

Important Note: Directors can only train their employees and cannot train themselves without first giving up control of their company.

Other Company job specials

There are two companies that can increase your endurance work stat only.

Clothing Store Specials
Stars Special Name Cost (Job Points) Effect
3 Nine to five 10 + 100 Endurance
Lingerie Store Specials
Stars Special Name Cost (Job Points) Effect
3 Nine to five 10 + 100 Endurance

Torn City Job - Education

The Education job has access to three job specials:

  • +100 Manual per 10 Job Points
  • +100 Intelligence per 10 Job Points
  • +100 Endurance per 10 Job Points

At the Principal rank in Education you can earn 7 job points or a maximum daily gain of either +70 Manual, +70 Intelligence, or +70 Endurance.

Completing Education Courses

Current work stat gains from completing education courses are on average very small and equal only to about the daily passive work stat gain from a company. The largest gains here are from various Mathematics courses and only focus on Intelligence and Endurance.

Due to much quicker sources of work stat gain it is not recommended to rely only on completing educations. This holds true for even the General Studies Bachelor, and therefore players are much better off completing educations for other reasons than to gain work stats.