Torn IRC Channels

There are various Channels in Torn with their own commands and bots! So here are a few of the commonly used, helpful channels along with the fun energetic giveaway channels!



Pretty much Dead, but used as a place for everyone to automatically join, if they are experiencing IRC for the first time.




!addid <yourtornidhere> - used to add your id to the bot.

!id <Nameofperson> - Used to check somebody's id, if it is added to the bot.

!time - Gives you the Torn City time.

!attack <nick> - if the person has their id saved in the bot, it will give you the link to attack that person.

!cash <nick> - if the person has their id saved in the bot, it will give you the link to send the person money.

!bazaar <nick> - if the person has their id saved in the bot, it will give you the link to view their bazaar.

!display <nick> - if the person has their id saved in the bot, it will give you the link to view their display case.

Note: These commands are also on all the bots in giveaway channels too!



A place for any problems OFF of IRC and only in-game.




!needhelp - only use if you have been hacked other wise just ask your question in the channel and a staff member will answer soon.



A place to ask questions about IRC issues only.



A place to find ALL information on drugs, including prices from abroad




!<drug name> - Shows the price of a drug in all the countries it is available in.

!price <country> - Shows the price of all drugs in the specified country

!update <country> <prices> - Updates the prices of drugs in the specifies country.

!list all - Lists all the prices of all the countries of all the drugs.


Description: A place for revivers to get business, and for non-revivers to find revivers when they need them.

Bot: Eagle

Management: PolarBear (78601) - Owner - Overall Management of channel

Mark (1052508) - Chief Executive Officer - His duties in the channel is making sure the channel is being ran smoothly. Informing all revivers in the channel of upcoming wars that they could participate in. Owner and operator of Eagle. He spends a lot of his time looking on ways to improve the bot and make the channel better.

Core (1579950) - Channel Operator - His job is to moderate the channel and make sure the channel is free of scammers

John Doe - Marketing Director - We are currently looking for a person to promote the channel and work with Mark to get wars scheduled with our revivers. This could turn into a paying job. Interested? Mail Mark!


!setup - Sets yourself up as a reviver in #revives

!setstatus Reviving/not reviving - Sets your status.

!setprice Pricehere - Sets the price for a single revive

!setrevives AmountOfRevivesDoneHere - Sets how many revives you have already done. This is found on your stats page

!setra #OfRevivesYouHaveAvailable - Sets the amount of revives you have available. <------- New Command!

!price - Shows your price for a single revive

!price Name - Shows the price of a single revive for Name

!status - Shows ur status

!status Name - Shows ur Name's status

!rinfo - Shows your price, status, and how many revives you have done

!rinfo name - Shows Name's price, status, and number of revives they have done

!needrevive - Notifies revivers with their status set to reviving, that someone wants a revive.

!revivers - Shows all the Revivers with the status reviving, and their prices. <------- All Bugs Fixed

!total - Shows how much the channel has made by reviving

!revives Shows how many revives you have done.

!revives nick/chan - Shows how many revives nick has done, or the entire channel

!blistadd nick ID Reason - Adds a person to the blacklist. EX: !blistadd Mark 1052508 Didnt Pay

!blisti nick/id - Shows blacklist info for said nick or ID

!blistremove id - Removes Id from blacklist. Ops can only do this

!blist - Shows the blacklist

!blistnum - Shows how many people are on the blacklist

!ad - Shows the Large Art link to promote the channel


This channel first started off owned by JimmyJames and was used for revivers for the BAMF faction. JJ decided to pass ownership down to Polarbear. He really didn't know what to do with the channel so Mark ran it for him. It was going good for about 5 months when Mark had to quit Torn for about a year due to real life issues. The channel was then ran by Lucy. Mark came back and now is back in control of the channel and since then the channel has been the most successful it has ever been. Weather it's making over 1 billion so far in the channel to reviving over 6,000 people since its been open, Mark and his team is proud of what it has became and what the future holds.



A fun and friendly place where everyone is welcome. Just don't feed the ducks... DuckPonds great and very active.




!give <prize> - Start the lotto with the prize specified.

!join - Join the lotto

No need for ending lotto command as they end after a certain amount of time.



Place for lots of freebies! Show your dedication to this channel and reap the rewards and make lots of friends along the way!






!lottostart <prize> - Starts a lotto for the prize specified.

!lotto - Joins the lotto

!draw - Ends the lotto

!fstart # - Starts a feud game.

!hitme - Announces a random song.

!fact - Annonuces a random fact.

!cash !id !attack .. all the usual & many more. Feel free to PM an OP for any help with commands.



Giveaways are every �60 minutes. Prizes are given away at a time �convenient to the OP.� �


Caspeh Eagle - Back Up


!lottostart <prize> - Starts a lotto for the prize specified.

!lotto - Joins the lotto

!draw - Ends the lotto



Fun giveaway channel, be in there!





!dip <prize> - Starts a lotto for the prize specified.

!splash - Joins the lotto.

!loyyo - Joins the lotto; alternative to !splash.

!isplash - Gives you information about the current lotto. Use sparingly as it pings the lotto-creator.

!dunk - Ends the lotto. Can only be done by the lotto creator or the admins of the room.



The perfect place to have a rest and chill, while getting a few prizes along the way!



(Thunderbolt for back-up)


!commands - There are so many that it will be easier for it to be in the bot.

!give <prize> - Starts a lotto for the prize specified.

!relax - Joins the lotto

!draw - Ends the lotto

!store - lets you buy things using lounge credits

!credits - Let you view how many credits you have!



  1. Party is a giveaway channel that provides automatic prizes every 60 minutes, frequent games and giveaways and includes its very own radio station!


Caspeh, MzBot, MuzicBot


!lottostart <prize> - Starts a lotto for the prize specified.

!lotto - Joins the lotto

!draw - Ends the lotto

!mrand <numberofnicks> - Starts a random nick generator, and the nicks chosen must speak, if they do so they get a prize.

!item - This makes the bot give you the descrption of a Torn item, the person who correctly guesses the item first wins a prize.

!fstart <# of rounds> - Starts a game of feud where the bot asks questions, and the players say different answers, the top answers get more points. at the end of the game, the person with the most points wins!


This channel was created in 2010. Despite the amount of channels already established on the IRC server, #party managed to become quite popular and served as a new channel with basic, yet advanced setup features. It excelled through most other giveaway channels that were lowered in popularity due to inactivity. Although the majority of users who served as staff in #party went on to establish other giveaway channels (some of which that are popular today), #party's popularity rate was not effected. There have been many ownership changes within this channel due to retirement purposes; including owner-connections to other channels; such as #graphicscentral with Founder Adelia and partnered-ownership Wheelz, who are also two owners of #party. However, due to the vast ownership changes in the graphics channel, the connection bond is presumed to be no longer feasible (even though the founder of #party still has voice access in the channel today, the service is not used).

Party was one of the first giveaway channels that provided an exclusive information site for players; party also maintains a regular flow of users ranging from approximately 70-110 users daily.



Giveaway channel with its Own Radio station. Come for GREAT Giveaways and Awesome DJ's @




(Thunderbolt for back-up)


!sit <prize> - Starts a lotto for the prize specified.

!swing - Joins the lotto

!slide - Joins the lotto

!push - Joins the lotto

!jump - Ends the lotto

!frisbee - Chooses someone to type !catch, and you give them a prize if they do.

!catch - used when someone types frisbee and you get a prize

!ball - Chooses a random name and a cash value for you to give.

!baseball - Chooses a random name for you to give a prize to.

!hotpot - Starts a game of hot potato!

!pass <Nick> - pass the potato then when you pass you get a prize!

!rand - Chooses a random nick to win a prize

!smath <# of rounds> - Starts a game of math attack, each round the person to put the answer first gets points, after the game, the person with the most points wins.

!dj - To find out who the current dj is!

!fb - Find the link for Playground radio on facebook!

!funcom - To see all of #Playground's fun commands - too many to list them all!

!website - To see playground's website.

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