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Territories is a massive overhaul to the old warring system used for factions. In this new system factions will have the potential to control a limited amount of territories -up to 30, depending on how many upgrades are assigned to it- , these are areas that give a small amount of daily respect. This amount of daily respect helps towards the faction's total respect pool, which can be used to assign specials in the new upgrades system.


The city map becomes a vital part in the territories update. If you click on the city it will now show you the territories your faction owns and all territories, and what faction owns them, near you. If you want to see the entire map there is an option below that lets you do this.

If you want you can click each territory and it will display whether the territory is being assaulted (In this case the territory will also be flashing, and have a red outline.), which sector it will be in, the size, density and the amount of daily respect you earn from the territory.

In your faction there is also a new tab called Territory you can click on, this will display a zoomed in version of the map, with only your faction highlighted and some additional information at the side. Faction news regarding your territories should also be listed there.

Territory Warfare

The warring aspect has also received a massive overhaul, to go along with these new territories.

When a territory is assaulted, a wall will appear, the size of which depends on the type of territory (between 5 and 30). Anyone can join a wall slot so long as they are not travelling, in jail or in hospital, this used to cost 25 energy but that cost has since been removed. Once the assault has begun, the strongest possible defenders will automatically be placed on the wall, the faction assaulting must remove them by putting them in hospital (leaving, mugging or hospitalizing all work). If you are not on the wall, you can replace an opponent by knocking them out of their slot. If you are on the wall, you can reserve a spot for your faction members for 60 seconds by knocking an opposing member out of their spot. Anyone can see a factions wall, but outside interference leaves emptied slots reserved to the victim faction for 60s.

Every second a user spends on the wall provides a score of 1 for their faction - for the assaulting faction this will go towards a goal of 50,000 * wall slots (between 250,000 and 1,500,000), for defenders this will reduce the overall score back towards 0. If the score goal is not obtained by the assaulters within 72 hours the territory assault will fail ref.

After an assault on a territory finishes, a cooldown starts; your faction is prevented from re-assaulting the same territory for 7 days.

Conceding was disabled during the beta, due to an easy form of abuse, so once you're in a fight for a territory there is no way to back out!

Historical Notes

If you fight someone over a territory you can appoint up to 10 members to said territory, each member of the attacking team will give you one point per second, members on the defending team will decrease the score by one per second. Territory wars have a duration of three days, the attacking faction has to reach the score mentioned above within three days to be able to claim the territory. The fastest time you can claim victory on a territory is 14 hours.