The stock market can be used for trading stocks or buying benefits.

Stock Ticker

To use the stocks, you must own a Stock Ticker. A Stock Ticker can be purchased from the Points Building for 20 Points.

Stock Trading

Buying stocks

There are two ways that you can purchase stocks: through the stock market or by trading directly with another player. The latter is very simple and is accomplished through the trade system.

The stock market can be accessed from the north side of the city. You can also access the stock market while flying if you have obtained a laptop. In both cases, clicking the stock market link will take you to a page which lists all of the stocks in the Torn City Stock Exchange, along with each stock’s current price, the price change over the last 24 hours, the percentage of change and a small graph showing the price over the last 24 hours. The price change and percent change are color coded with rising stocks values printed in green, stable values in yellow, and falling values in red.

Clicking on either the logo or graph of a stock takes you to that stock’s profile. Profiles contain a lot of information about the stock:

  • A description of the company that is offering the stock
  • What the performance of the stock is based upon
  • What benefits are available and how many shares are required to receive the benefit
  • Acronym
  • Director
  • Forecast
  • Demand
  • Current price
  • Market cap
  • Total shares
  • Shares for sale
  • Graphs of the stock’s performance
  • Price changes in the past 24 hours

At the bottom of the profile is a form for purchasing this stock where you can enter either the number of shares or dollar amount that you want to invest.

Selling stocks

Just as there are two ways to buy stocks, there are two ways to sell them. They may be sold directly to another player using the trade system at whatever price is agreed upon or stocks may be sold through the stock market (it may take a few days for the stock to sell using this option).

To sell a stock, go to City > Stock Market > Your Portfolio where you will see a listing of all the stocks you own. (You can also use the link on your laptop while flying.) In each listing there is a link to Sell. Clicking this link puts the shares up for sale in the Stock Market (there is no confirmation screen). Once you have put shares on the market, the information about them remains in your portfolio with an option to Remove from market. A single click on that link restores those shares to your portfolio. While shares are up for sale, you lose the ability to split or stack them.

Your Stock Portfolio

Your portfolio is a listing of all the stocks you own. It can be accessed via City > Stock Market > Your Portfolio. Each stock has a listing containing the following information:

  • Stock logo
  • Current price, the total value of the block, and an option to Sell
  • Bought price, the number of shares, and an option to Split
  • Price change - color coded green for rising, yellow for stable, red for falling, listed as a dollar amount and a percentage, and on option to Stack
  • Length - the date and time you purchased or stacked the shares, the number of days since purchase/stacking, and a link to that stock's profile.

To the far right is a graph of the stock's performance over the last 7 days. Clicking either the logo or the graph will take you to the stock's profile page.

Splitting Stocks

If you want to divide a stock block into smaller blocks, you may do so by splitting. Clicking the Split link, takes you to a form where you are asked to enter the number of shares you want to remove from the block. Enter that amount, and the block will be split into two new blocks, each with its own listing in your portfolio.

Stacking Stocks

If you have several blocks of the same stock that you want to combine into a single block, you can accomplish that by stacking them. This is used when you have bought stock in several separate transactions, as each will be listed in your portfolio separately. No stock benefits will be granted until the shares are combined into a single block.

To stack your shares, click the Stack link on any stock block. You will get a confirmation screen asking: Are you sure you would like to stack all shares in to one single block? If you confirm, then all blocks of that stock will combine into one. You cannot choose to stack some and not others of a given stock. To do that, you would need to stack the shares, and then split off separate blocks to get the configuration that you want.

Stock Benefits

Stock benefits are now based on the number of shares owned, not the amount of money invested.

Name Acronym Shares Required Benefit / Special
Big Al's Gun Shop BAG 3,000,000
  • Bonuses: occasional special ammunition packs
Mc Smoogle Corp MCS 1,750,000
  • Bonuses: Random boosts of 300 energy.
(You will receive an event, but this may happen while offline, happens on average once a week, energy will remain until used.)
Torn City Investment Banking TCB 1,500,000
  • Constant Effect: Improved City Bank Interest Rates by 10%.
Normal: 1.00% 2.00% 8.00% 22.00% 40.00%
Improved: 1.10% 2.20% 8.80% 24.20% 44.00%
(Merit Upgrades are taken into Account.)
Torn City and Shanghai Banking Corporation TSBC 4,000,000
  • Bonuses: Random Dividends of Cash
(Dividends at approximately 20% APR)
Syscore MFG SYS 3,000,000
  • Constant Effect: Improved Firewall Software
(Protect the block's owner from results of Proxy Hacking (Cancelling virus programming) and Intricate Hack (Stealing 0-3% total cash from company) job specials.
Crude & Co CNC 5,000,000
  • Constant Effect: Increase in Oil Rig profits
Grain GRN 500,000
  • Bonuses: Random Dividends of Cash
(Dividends at approximately 20% APR)
Torn City Clothing TCC 350,000
  • Bonuses: Random Dividends of Cash
(Dividends at approximately 20% APR)
The Torn City Times TCT 125,000
  • Constant Effect: Free Personals Placements in Newspaper
(Each Placement is usually $10,000.)
Torn City Health Service TCHS 150,000
  • Bonuses: Box of Medical Supplies
50 x Small First Aid Kits
30 x First Aid Kits
20 x Morphine
(Received once a week on average)
International School TC ISTC 100,000
I Industries Ltd. IIL 100,000
  • Constant Effect: Virus Coding times Reduced by Half
TC Media Productions TCP 1,000,000
  • Incentive: 10% Boost to Company Profits
(Only Effective for Director.)
Society and Legal Authorities Group SLAG 1,500,000
  • Bonuses: Lawyers Business Card
(A one-time usable item that allows the user to Bail themselves out of Jail)
(Received once a fortnight on average)
Eaglewood Mercenary EWM 2,000,000
  • Bonuses: Box of Grenades (100 Grenades or HEGs)
(Received once a week on average)
Home Retail Group HRG 1,500,000
(Random Property, Anything from a Trailer to a Castle.)
(Received once a week on average)
Performance Ribaldry Network PRN 1,500,000
  • Bonuses: Erotic DVD
(Gives the user 2500 Happiness.)
(Received once a week on average)
Yazoo YAZ 1,000,000
  • Constant Effect: Free Image Adverts in Newspaper
(Each Advert is usually $2,500,000.)
Torn City Motors TCM 1,000,000
  • Constant Effect: 25% Discount for Racing Parts
The Empty Lunchbox Building Traders ELBT 5,000,000
  • Constant Effect: 10% Discount to all Home Upgrades
West Side South Bank University WSSB 1,000,000
Insured On US IOU 3,000,000
  • Bonuses: Random Dividends of Cash
(Dividends at approximately 20% APR)
Symbiotic Ltd. SYM 500,000
  • Bonuses: Drug Pack
10x Xanax
10x Vicodin
(Received once a week on average)
Messaging Inc MSG 300,000
  • Constant Effect: Free Classified Adverts in Newspaper
(Each Advert is usually $250,000)
Wind Lines Travel WLT 9,000,000
  • Constant Effect: 50% Decrease in Flight Times
  • Constant Effect: Free Travel Costs
  • Constant Effect: +10 Item Carry Capacity
(Doesn't Stack with Airstrip.)
Tell Group Plc. TGP 2,500,000
  • Constant Effect: Improvement to advertising for companies
Feathery Hotel Corp FHG 2,000,000
  • Bonuses: Feathery Hotel Coupon
(Allows user to Refill Energy Bar and Increase Happiness by 500.)
(Received once a week on average)
Lucky Shot Casino LSC 100,000
  • Bonuses: Lottery Voucher
(Can be exchanged for 100 Lottery Tickets.)
(Received once a week on average)
TC Music Industries TMI 6,000,000
  • Bonuses: Random Dividends of Cash
(Dividends at approximately 20% APR)
Evil Ducks Candy Corp EVL 1,750,000
  • Bonuses: Happiness Boosts
(Boost of 1,000 Happiness.)
(Received at random times daily on average)

Once the benefit block of any stock is bought, it instantly becomes active meaning that you no longer have to wait a certain amount of days before you start receiving benefits/items.

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