Firstly, what is stealthing? Well, Stealthing is the process of attacking another player and making sure they do not know who attacked them, this displays as for example: Someone hospitalized you.

Secondly, This page is newly written after the recent update to stealth mechanisms. Before this update stealth attacking was only affected by your dexterity and the opponent's dexterity.

This page consists of the announcement and some extra notes meant to give you some insight in these new mechanics.


So, how do you achieve a stealthed attack? Your stealth is checked on a turn by turn basis, decreasing your chance of stealth based on the parameters of that particular turn. If a single turn decreases your chance of stealth, it cannot be recovered during the attack (I.e. Only your lowest achieved stealth turn is used). This mimics someone being revealed over time; the opponent isn't going to forget if you've somewhat revealed yourself on a previous turn.

There are 8 different parameters of which you'll need to excel in at least a few of...

Weapon stealth level

All weapons now have stealth levels between 0.0 and 10.0. Most guns have a pretty low stealth level, with melee generally being higher, although when weapon mods are available it'll be possible to substantially increase the stealth level of guns. This was certainly the hardest part of the project due to the concept being so subjective - everyone has their own opinion. We tasked several committee members with applying scores to each weapon for things like... Noise, commotion, barrel length, ammo used, range, visibility, concealability, size, weight, collateral damage, usage complexity e.t.c and then averaged them out to produce a final stealth score. These scores are visible when viewing a weapon's info.

Next up we'll list the better weapons for stealthing, as of now this only handles melee weapons since all primary and secondary weapons have weaker stealth capabilities as of now. This will change when attachments like suppressors get released though.

The stealthing capabilities of kicking and punching are unknown as of now.

Weapons with both good Stealth, damage and accuracy

Item Average Damage Average Accuracy Stealth
Diamond Bladed Knife 60 84 7.1
Macana 57 87 7.4

Weapons with the Highest possible stealth (above 8)

Item Average Damage Average Accuracy Stealth
Pen Knife 22 45 8.5
Butterfly Knife 20 70 8.3
Swiss Army Knife 25 60 8.4
Fine Chisel 17 55 8

Dexterity difference

Dexterity still plays an important role. Having much more than your opponent will increase the chance of stealth, and vice versa: If your opponent has far more dexterity than you do, your chances will be reduced. Having loads of dexterity does not guarantee stealth however - someone with very low dexterity can still achieve it by meeting other criteria, and someone with loads of dexterity using a very unstealthy weapon will most likely not be stealthed.

Face masks

Using head armour which covers the face will increase your stealth a bit. It's not essential but it certainly helps - just like in real life.

Some amour or clothing pieces now have the Masked property in their description, which should play a part in stealth. Even the Balaclava Enhancer has it.

Items that have this property
Item Base armour
Motorcycle Helmet 30
Welding Helmet 34
Balaclava Enhancer N/A
Medieval Helmet 25
Bandana N/A
Kabuki Mask N/A
All Masks given through missions & special events N/A

Note: The armour values displayed are just averages, there's a variation in how strong / weak the item can be.

If you find additional items with this property, feel free to add them.

Stealth merits

Stealth merits are still a thing, and can be upgraded up to 10 times. They will help out a lot if you're willing to specialize in them. Each upgrade increases your stealth level by 0.2.

Amount of turns

If an attack continues on for a long time, this can be detrimental to stealth. It's not a huge factor, but certainly worth taking into consideration.

Temporary weapons

If your opponent is under the effect of a temporary weapon like Flash Bang, Smoke Grenade, Tear Gas or Pepper Spray your stealth will be increased. But you'd have to use it on the first turn for maximum usefulness (no point if they've already seen your face).

Temporary weapons and their stealth levels.

Item Stealth
Brick 7.3
Pepper Spray 10
Fireworks 4.3
Grenade 4
Trout 7.3
Claymore Mine 3.3
HEG 3.8
Stick Grenade 3.6
Snowball 7.9
Throwing Knife 7.9
Tear Gas 10
Flash Grenade 10
Ninja Stars 7.6
Smoke Grenade 10
Molotov Cocktail 3.9
Book 7.5

Company bonus

There are two company specials that can reduce opponent chances of stealth. Rumors (Hair Salon) and High-fidelity (Music Store) have a substantial impact. On the flip side, there's also Dramatics (Theater) and Deafened (Music Store) that can still 100% guarantee your stealth in exchange for job points.

Education bonus

There is one education course (Forensic Science) which slightly decreases opponent stealthiness.

Weapon Mods

There is one mod that can also increase your chance to stealth significantly. However this goes with at the cost of damage.

Stealth Meter

Since the release of Attacking 2.1 a display was added to show your chance at stealthing a fight.