The search feature is a useful tool which allows you to search for a player. Donators to the game have an advanced search feature. The advanced search is particularly useful for finding inactive players to mug or attack.

Search Types


All players can perform a standard search. There are two input fields to choose from:

  1. Name Search - alphanumeric text box
  2. ID Search - numeric text box

Advanced Search

This is only available to Donators and features many more options:

  1. Name - alphanumeric text box
  2. Level - two numeric text boxes
  3. Faction - drop down list
  4. Gender - drop down list
  5. Marital status - drop down list
  6. Days old - two numeric text boxes
  7. Property - drop down list
  8. Offences - two numeric text boxes
  9. Online - drop down list