In torn players may play a game of Foot Russian Roulette, not to be confused with real Russian roulette. The game works as following: players point a gun at their foot with 1 bullet, they take turns firing the 6 shooter at their own foot until 1 bullet goes off. The first person to shoot themselves in the foot loses and suffers small hospital time. The winner goes home with all the money!


There are two honor bars that can be achieved by playing Russian Roulette.

DLQsKS8.png - Win 50 games of Foot Russian Roulette

4ZB1Hml.png - Win $100,000,000 in a single game of Russian Roulette


As it currently stands there are no prerequisites, however there used to be some, which are listed below:

1) To initiate a game of RR you had to own the S&W Revolver

2) To initiate a game you needed to have finished Operation Prospect (lvl 7+)

You could not initiate a game if your S&W Revolver was lent from the faction

If you did not meet these prerequisites you could still accept a game of RR from older players.

How to play

  • On this page you either have the option to start your own game, or join an already existing game.

  • Once you join a game you take turns shooting at your foot, the loser ends up in the hospital for a few minutes whilst the winner takes all the money.

Important notice: You cannot cancel Russian Roulette currently. If your opponent does not take his shot there will be a timeout period as long as 3 minutes in cases before you will have the option to just shoot your opponent.

Extra shots

By default you can only take one shot each turn, but if you have won 25 games you unlock the ability to shoot twice, if you win 100 games you unlock the ability to try and shoot three times. Do this at your own risk though!

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