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The Raceway is accessible via the 'Red Light district'

To race at the Race Track you need a racing license; they can be obtained for 50 points in the Points Building.


You start in class E, and as you earn upgrade points you will automatically advance in class; you cannot level-hold your racing class.


Class E - 0 upgrade points earned

Class D - 25 upgrade points earned

Class C - 100 upgrade points earned

Class B - 250 upgrade points earned

Class A - 475 upgrade points earned

This is the total earned; if you spend them or lose them in a crash, they still count towards ranking up a class

How to upgrade your class?

  • You earn 3 upgrade points if you finish 1st in a race.
  • You earn 2 upgrade points if you finish 2nd in a race.
  • You earn 1 upgrade points if you finish 3rd in a race.

Note you only earn upgrade points from Official Races (nothing from Custom Races, though you will earn driver skill in both).

Official Races

Taking part in Official Races is completely free. These races will take 1 hour to be prepared, and will finish once all participants have crossed the finish line.

After leaving an official race, there is a 15 minute penalty time before you can join another official race.

You are automatically matched against opponents with similar stat cars. Once the race has started, you cannot then swap to a car that outclasses theirs heavily.

Miscellaneous Notes

  • You cannot travel while joined in a race (whether Official or Custom).
  • You can only take part in one race at a time (including custom races).
  • Being hospitalized during a race does NOT influence the outcome.
  • If you enlist a car to race, you cannot unlist it. You used to be able but they changed that.
  • You cannot enlist a car in a class higher than for which you are qualified. You can still use cars that are below your current class.
  • You cannot remove upgrades from a car, only change out parts, so be careful if you want a car unupgraded for certain competitions, as you cannot unlist neither downupgrade them.

See Also

  • For more detailed information, check Racing tutorial.
  • For a full list of cars and stats, check here.
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