Preference Information

You can find the Preferences link above the search boxes in the top right corner of the screen. Here, you can change various information linked to your account.


To change your player name (you can't change your login name), go to Preferences. Any players with discriminating names will be deleted on sight. Your new name can be a maximum of 15 characters long and only contain letters, numbers, dashes or underscores. It costs 100 points to change your name, this cost will increase if you request a name which is already taken by an inactive user. Upon changing your name, you will not be able to do so again for 3 months.

If you want to take the name of an inactive player the cost will be 200 + ( playerLevel * 50)


The process of changing your email is quite explanatory, just navigate to the right tab and follow the steps carefully!


To change your password you have to type in your current password and then the new password you want. You will then have to login again using your new password.

It is important to remember no member of staff will ever ask you for your password and you should change your password periodically for your accounts protection. Any website asking you for your login details to Torn could result in your account being hijacked and loss of your items and money. It is very important to remember there are no cheats for this game and anyone offering them to you just wants to access your account for their gain and your loss. Don't become a victim to this.

Sex change

Feeling confused? Want to know what it's like being of the opposite sex? Here you can have an instant gender change for the small fee of $50,000.

Security Settings

You can access this panel by using your secret question & answer, it is vital you remember these as these are of the utmost importance to recover and protect your account!

2 Factor Authentication

This tab allows you to enable / disable your 2FA and view all approved devices, you can delete devices you do not want to have access to your account. This can happen either by phone or by email.

Mobile Phone Number

Here you can add your number, this is optional to secure your account even more!

Date of Birth

This is an additional factor that can be used should you ever need to recover your account.

Secret Question

This question serves as a way to protect your security panel, it is important to remember this as it is the only way to access this panel.

General Settings

Here you can change basic settings like turning on honour bars across the site (helps for people with weaker net), facebook widgets and which captcha you prefer.

You can also change your revive settings here, so you don't get revived by just anyone should you not want to be revived!

Attack Settings

Your attack settings are a critical part of the attacking system in Torn. They allow you to adjust your defensive strategy in order to catch a would-be attacker off-guard.

You can find detailed information surrounding this tab on the Attacking page.

Icon Settings

  • Icon order changes the way your icons are ordered, do you like them in a set order or do you prefer the most recent ones first?
  • Icon size could be useful to change if you are using an exceptionally large or small display!
  • Icon placement is for those who do not like seeing their icons at all, or prefer their sidebars above their icons.

Email Subscriptions

Here you have the option to alter your newsletter settings. You can also resend the seasonal newsletter should you have lost it.

  • Can toggle them on / off


This is where you can cancel a Proposal, Faction application or Company application if you have changed your mind or made an error.


Here you can find your API key, this is a useful tool for third party applications like Torn Stats & DoctorN! Make sure to keep an eye on where you submit your key though, you don't want it to fall in the wrong hands!

You can find more information on the page surrounding Torn's API

Profile Signature

This is the area at the bottom of your profile. Anything you put in here will be viewed by anyone that goes to your profile, so be careful what you post here.

Forum Information

This is where you will put the link for a forum signature or anything else you want to be displayed below each of your forum posts.

Personal Details

Here you can change the personal information that is displayed on your profile.

  • Your real name
  • Country
  • City
  • Age
  • Show profile
    • Yes (allows information provided to be view by public, except email)
    • No (Will not display any of this information)

Your Images

Here you can upload images to Torn and display them for the world to see. Be warned that pornographic images will be removed and you will receive a warning, do it again and you could lose your account.

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