Announcements Forum

This is where all users are notified about the major updates that occur within Torn. Users used to have the ability to post in this forum and rate threads, however, with an update Chedburn set it so all threads are automatically locked and you are unable to rate them.

Bulletin Board

Here chedburn and team will post occasional updates on how things are going or notify us about the smaller updates in Torn. This was made so people can still be notified of everything without flooding the announcements forum with lesser updates causing less people to view it.

Developer Blogs

- This feature has since been removed with an unknown update. (Most likely phase one of RESPO)

Blogs are occasionally posted by staff members pertaining to various things. These blogs aren't necessarily related to updates to torn they have varied from posts by Clansdancer to posts by Chedburn for the RESPO update.


Information about updates with screenshots are more often or not included in the Quarterly Newsletter sent out to those who are subscribed to this service via their in game preferences.

These Newsletters also include other information about the game, such as information on how the game is run, new developers that have joined the team etc.

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