With the update of the Church on 23 June 2014 the way in which you get married to someone has been changed slightly. In order to wed another player you must have a ring and a witness and visit the church.

You can obtain a ring through several different means, the Item Market, Jewelry Shop, or a four Nerve crime. After proposing to another player they will receive an event, and have an option to Accept / Reject your proposal.

After you have accepted this proposal you can go to the Church where the marriage interface should have popped up, here you have an option to first select a witness each. Once you have done this you should be able to continue.

Now you each have to type something in the little box that appears, just typing anything will do. Once this has been done you can complete the marriage by clicking the 'kiss' button.

Should you wish to cancel a proposal to another player you can do so by going to Preferences > Management > Proposals

Alternatively you can click here.


To end a marriage, either player may divorce the other. You may not divorce until you have been married for at least 7 days. Divorces are granted by going to the City and visiting the Church.


One of the benefits of marriage is the ability to share a property. Either player may move into a property owned or rented by the other player. However, the owner of the property has the ability to kick his or her spouse out of that property. Your spouse may not kick you from a property that you own. Spouses are unable (by default, can be changed) to access vaults on the others properties.

Vault sharing was introduced on 29/09/2015. The owner of a property may choose to share or not to share their vault with their spouse (the default is not shared). The last 10 actions of the vault are stored in the vault log accessed via property / vault

Awards and Honors can be earned by staying married to the same person for increasing amounts of time. For more information, visit the Awards's page.


An issue is sometimes caused with your account stating that you are already proposing to someone when you are not, if this is the case then submit a Bug Report and wait for a staff member to fix the issue for you!

  • It is unknown whether or not this has been fixed with the release of RESPO.