Detailed Information

  • Level holding is when a player does not press the "Upgrade" button when they can level up, and instead chooses to remain at their current level. Most level holders choose to hold at level 15 due to the ability to Travel

Benefits of level holding

  • Players generally level hold so enemies will underestimate them and lose to them when attacking. Some level holders even have friends bounty them to get more free wins. Players can do this to get merits for defends, or simply for the satisfaction of winning.
  • Another benefit of level holding is that it will be cheaper for other players to bail you out of jail.

Downsides to level holding

  • You have less total Life due to your low level.
  • You cannot do certain Missions depending on your level.
  • You cannot Travel until level 15.
  • You cannot gain certain Awards.
  • You gain fewer job points in starting Jobs.


  • You used to be unable to bank until level 5 but this was changed in 2010

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