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Different levels give different benefits including a gain in Life points which increase each level. You start out with 100 health points.


Unlocks/Rank Advancement
LevelUnlocksRank Up?
Level 2
  • You can search the Dump.
Level 3
  • You can join a Company.
  • You can vote on Competition Submissions.
Level 4 No.
Level 5 No.
Level 6*You can play Russian Roulette.Yes.
Level 7
  • You can play Spin the wheel.
Level 8None No.
Level 10 No.
Level 11NoneYes.
Level 12 NoneNo.
Level 13


Level 15 No.
Level 17 NoneNo.
Level 20 NoneNo.
Level 23 NoneNo.
Level 25 NoneNo.
Level 26NoneYes.
Level 27 NoneNo.
Level 30 NoneNo.
Level 31NoneYes.
Level 35 NoneNo.
Level 40 NoneNo.
Level 50NoneYes.
Level 71NoneYes.
Level 100NoneYes.


  • You didn't used to be able to use the City Bank until level 5, this was changed in a 2010 update.

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