Accessed through the City, the Item Market is a place for buying and selling items. There are 16 different categories, which by means of a drop down box display every item in Torn City. These are:

Melee Weapons
Primary Weapons
Secondary Weapons
Medical Items
Temporary Items
Other Supplies
Electronic Items

When you have selected an item you can view the listings of that item that are for sale, as listed by other players. If you click on the item's name you will be taken to the item's information page.

You can also sell any of your items in the Item Market. This is done by clicking the 'Add of Remove a Listing' link at the top of the Item Market. Items can be listed for any price. In order to list the items you have to pay a listing fee of 3% of the item's selling price.

The item market now also shows the three cheapest bazaars, which have the item in that you are looking at.

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