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Flower / Plushie running

This is probably the most easy way to make a fairly large amount of money. However it requires you to be atleast level 15.

To begin with, what exactly is flower or plushie running? Well basicly it just means you just travel abroad, and when you arrive you buy as many flowers / plushies as you can carry, you fly back and once you're back you can sell these flowers and plushies for massive amounts to other players using trades or the markets!

Now on to the details.

At first you will not be able to carry very much items with you on your plane and it will also cost you money to fly. That's why it is adivsed that you first save for renting a private island with airstrip, why with an airstrip? Well this allows you travel completely for free and lets you carry 10 additional items! Once you have this you should save for a large suitcase, this will allow you to carry an additional 10 items.

Once you have this set up and you want additional carry capabilities whilst flying You can join a faction that has upgrades in cumber, each one will add 1 extra item you can carry. Apart from this you also have a few Companies that offer extra items like the cruise liner or the flower shop.


Trading is a little harder than flower running, not because it is difficult, but it requires a lot of time, patience and a reasonable amount of starting cash(preferably 100-200m). Although there are fairly easy ways too, they won't yield as much money.

Basicly what you will do here is:

  • Make a small list off items you are willing to buy for set prices and buy a Bazaar.
  • Just post this small list in a nice forum thread and perhaps occasionally use trade chat, this way you will attract people who want to sell their goods fast, cheap and safe.
  • Now once you have bought some items, the only thing you have to do is sell them again more expensive in your bazaar.


Whilst this may seem easy and not take up much time it actually does. You will have to pay very much attention to what is called buy muggers. These are people lurking in trade chat and in the item market and will buy a whole bunch of your items to mug some of the profits you made. So make sure you are here to quickly store your money somewhere if something is bought (bookies / faction bank / buy points)


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