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Annual Torn City Competitions

Some competitions in torn happen once a year; this page is a list of those and the month they are scheduled.

 Note: Unconfirmed competitions have been mentioned as possibilities by Chedburn[1] but are not currently in the game.
  • For details on awards obtained during annual events see Awards

April - Easter egg hunt

  • During the Easter egg hunt competition players, eggs will randomly appear throughout Torn which you have to click to collect. Each egg gives different rewards and can be sold, ate, collected or traded in. If you gain a full set then you will be able to trade them in for the unique golden egg and receive an award and points! How many eggs will you find this month?

July - Mr / Miss Torn

  • During the Mr / Miss torn event players must submit a real life picture that includes their torn name/ID number and is usually required to have a specific theme. Other players then rate the photos on a scale of 1-10, and the top rated players receive rewards. The #1 player in the Mr and Miss category each receive their own individual unique crown item.

August - Elimination

  • During Elimination players join one of 12 teams, up to a maximum of 1,000 players per turn. After 5 days of joining teams the ability to join will lock. After another 5 days the team with the lowest score will be eliminated, then each following day another one will be eliminated until one remains. There are three awards. One for 50 attacks made, one for being in the top 5% in attacks made of your team and one to end in the top three of all teams.

November - Dog tags

  • During the Dog tag competition you will start out with a single dog tag which has a set score. You need to attack other players for a chance to steal there tags. There is an award for getting 50 individual tags and 250. Get your guns loaded and swords sharpened as this is an all out slug fest. How many tags will you steal?

December - Christmas Town

  • During Christmas Town players must explore a map in a mini-game and follow quest lines to obtain items unique to Christmas Town, as well as explore for free goodies.